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Categories of Functional Insoles

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Categories of Functional Insoles

Speaking of insoles, many people feel that it is for the convenience of shoe cleaning, or to use them to cushion oversize shoes. In fact, under the concept of modern scientific sports, people more expect that insoles can alleviate foot fatigue, shock absorption, provide support, correct foot defects and other functions. Since it is a functional insole, it is naturally divided by function. At present, insoles on the market can be divided into three categories: shock absorption, support insoles and fully customized insoles.  

Shock Absorption Insoles

The function of shock absorption people might familiar with, which one of the factors that must be considered when purchasing basketball shoes/running shoes. It is often used in shoes. The shoe shock absorption has been done very well, why do we have to use shock absorption insoles? In fact, this question has a good answer: Even NBA stars have their own sole insoles, their shoes shock absorption can not be bad.

The shock absorption relies on materials. At present, the insole materials in the market can be roughly divided into EVA, PU, silicone foot insole and ORTHOLITE. However, a single material is difficult to provide ideal shock absorption. Professional sports insoles are usually made of a variety of materials. 

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Supporting Insoles

Supporting insoles are usually preformed. The arch of the foot of the insole is either elastic or rigid. The main purpose is to provide good support and correct flat feet. That is to say, support insoles are mainly made for flat feet (there are also suitable for mid-high arch), normal arch may feel uncomfortable. So don't try to buy support insoles to play basketball. SuperFeet Spenco SofSole is the mainstream support insole brand in the market at present. As parents you should choose a arch support insoles for kids, there are youth arch support insoles, toddler arch support inserts, children's arch support for flat feet for you to choose.

Fully Customized Insoles

The fully customized insole is the mysterious insoles in our curious NBA star shoes. These sport insole is thermoplastic based on foot shape and standing posture, while using specific materials. Because it is completely suitable for their foot, so this kind of insole not only perform well in supporting and shock absorption, but also provide good foot orthodontic ability. The price of these insoles is generally more than $200, which can be up to $5,000 by the upper limit. 

Process Of Sports Insole Customization

Ordinary level

The ordinary level of sports insole need to do a half-day simple test of athletes, choose the appropriate style of shoes, Or choose a rough insole for the model provided by the sponsor.

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  Medium level 

The Medium-level of sports insole also need a half-day simple test of athletes, the above process is the same, according to the test results of athletes, the insoles need combined with multi-layer gaskets and manually polished, and through try on tests to adjust repeatedly.

Advanced level 

Scan the foot, muscles and skeletons of the whole body, guide athletes to conduct a series of detailed training and testing, learn more about the injury situation of athletes, refitting new individual shoe last, modifying the mass-produced soles, and even replacing soles, remodel upper, and then match the custom insole, periodic tracking test and revision every six months.




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