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Wenzhou Weiermei Insole Co., Ltd. is a professional insole manufacturer. We have many years' experience in producing insoles, and our motto is "Quality first, customer first". 
Our Products generated from customers' demand to R&D design
At an exhibition in the United States, many customers asked that: some people would have pain in their feet after long time walking; some have flat feet; and some are toe-in or toe-out. We also did some in-depth research and found that flat feet can cause much more pain in the feet than the normal person walking. What’s more, people who have flat feet can not walk, run, and bounce for a long time.
Toe-out or toe-in walking may bring more pressure on people’s joints, under which situation for a long term, the bones of the legs will be deformed. Some people are more serious for it will cause knee pain and accelerate the deterioration of the joints by years. So we come up with the idea that an insole for foot health care and correction is required. This idea was implemented at that time. After more than half a year of market research and the opinions and suggestions of relevant professionals, as well as the continual material tests, our company have produced insoles for foot health care and correction functions, which have been consistently affirmed with several major customers in the US, Germany, France and Russia. Moreover, they have introduced some quality customers, which brings us a large number of orders.




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