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Detailed Insole Classification

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Detailed Insole Classification

Most people may never have the idea of buying extra insoles because they think insoles are just accessories when buying shoes. In addition, some people think that insoles only have shock absorption effect. In fact, from the functional and application aspects, insoles can be divided into cushion series, stability series and motion control series. It can also classified according to different sports types and different crowd division.

Cushion Series

The cushion series insoles are mainly shock-absorbing, such as EVA material, PU foam or silica gel, for most of the normal foot structures, these insoles are relatively good in energy absorption. If your arch structure is normal and there is no heel varus problem, then the normal cushion series insoles are enough. Of course, this kind of insoles are more suitable for the flat roads or rubber runways, that is to say, the pavement with relatively low requirements for plantar stability. There are many kinds of cushion can be choose such as heel cushions for shoes, gel insoles for high heels, heel inserts for boots, foam heel cushions, heel cushions for plantar fasciitis and so on.

arch support insole

Stability Series

The structure of stability series insoles will be relatively more comprehensive. It has the function of arch support, heel wrap, metatarsal ball support. You may be relatively unfamiliar with these support functions, that is, to provide a normal foot model to wrap the feet around or correct the feet into a normal structure. In short, the stability series insoles are actually providing a normal arch profile to wrap the feet around, and then providing the corresponding support and shock absorption effect.

During a long-distance run, the stability series insoles can reduce foot fatigue, whose principle is to wrap both feet so that the force of the foot will be more uniform.

As for people with mild flatfoot, high arch, or mild heel varus and valgus, stability series insoles can put the foot in a more normal structure. For people with mild foot structure problems, insole for high arch feet can solve the running problem caused by foot defects relatively well.

arch support insole

Motion Control Series

The overall difference between motion control series insoles and stability series insoles is not particularly obvious, but the material will be slightly different. The main difference is that:

1. The material used by motion control series will be relatively harder than the stability series, especially in the design of the internal and external arch support and heel, and the depth of the heel will be deeper. The advantage of this design is that it adjusts the arch and heel to a normal state through external force. The insole is designed according to the normal foot structure, so for the normal foot structure, it only limits the foot structure to the normal area, and the contact between bone and muscle tends to be normal, which is close to the physiological and anatomical structure of the normal person.

2. Compared with the collapsed foot structure, the increased contact surface of insoles can reduce a series of pain problems caused by abnormal contact. In addition, the functional characteristics of motion control series and stability series insoles are also relatively similar.




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