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Do You Know What is the Most Expensive Equipment for NBA Players?

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Do You Know What is the Most Expensive Equipment for NBA Players?

Speaking of the equipment of the NBA players, I believe that everyone will think that the players' boots are the most expensive. Especially the signature shoes, it not only incorporates the brand's master technology, but also analyzes his own foot shape, technical characteristics and other pairs of boots that are most suitable for him. In general, the research and development costs of this kind of boots are very high. However, once these shoes are on the market, the sales quantification will share a lot of research and development expenses, so the price of each pair of shoes is about one to three hundred dollars.

1. The Price Of The Insole Is Expensive

Many people who watch NBA live broadcasts may sometimes see some players give jerseys, hoods, elbows and even sneakers to the fans at the end of the game. But they hardly sent the insole inside the shoe. What is the reason?

A good pair of boots can really improve the athletic ability and protect the players, but many people may not notice that the small insole actually plays a very big role for the players.

Because of hard training, high-intensity physical confrontation, and the risk of injury at any time, many players have deformities in their feet. In order to prevent foot injury caused by long-term high-intensity competition, star players will customize the insole according to their own feet. And a pair of custom insoles costs at least two thousand dollars, which is more expensive than the shoes. 

nab insole

2. The Role of Insole

Players can have a lot of sneakers, but they only have two or three pairs of insoles. According to the customized insole of the sneakers, the high degree of fit ensures that the force area of the foot is maximized, thereby reducing the risk of excessive stretching of the local muscle fascia. Some insoles can even add air cushions to reduce the impact of the foot, which is related to the player's balance, explosive power and the health of the feet and knees. A custom insole raises the arch, which in turn gives the foot the most comfortable position. This is why custom insoles are more expensive than sneakers. 

Take James as an example. Each of his pair of ball mats is exclusively customized. The core of the technology is in the pair of insoles. Based on James's foot structure, Nike conducted constant experiments and analyzed a large number of James' personal data in the game, his starting point, the point of force when he fell, the degree of wrapping that suits him best. So, each generation of James sneakers' change relies on these extremely secret data from analysis. Therefore, these small insoles are fundamentally different from the insole of ordinary people. It is rich in too much high-tech, and the effect is far more than imagined.

insole for nba player

For a superstar like James, a single insole can be customized up to 20 pairs, and each pair can be customized for more than $2,000.

 This is only the cost of production, and the initial development and research costs of the insole are even more immeasurable. So, it is not difficult to understand why the player would rather send the shoes than the insole. 

3. The Importance of Technology In The Insole

Last but not least, the chip inside is the top priority. Once these high-tech products are sent out, they will directly involve the core technical interests of the shoe factory itself. So, not only James, many stars in the NBA will not send insoles to the fans.




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