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Do You Know that Insoles Are More Important than Shoes during Sports?

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Do You Know that Insoles Are More Important than Shoes during Sports?

Modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life and physical health. Exercise can not only strengthens body, but also maintains physical and mental pleasure. Running is the most convenient and efficient exercise in all sports, but some people get heel pain after running for a period of time. In the process of sports, we must pay attention to safety. We can wear comfortable shoes, and pad a pair of insoles with elasticity, good shock resistance and breathable sweat absorption.

1. Why Does the Sole of the Foot Hurt After Running?

If you find that there is obvious pain in your heel on the first step in the morning, but the pain will ease after walking for a while, and intensifies after running for a long time. This is the main symptom of plantar fasciitis. Those who suffer plantar fasciitis can choose silicone pads for plantar fasciitis and medial arch support insole.

The plantar fascia is located at the sole of the foot and connects the connective tissue of the heel and toe to support the entire arch of the foot. When a person walks or runs, the plantar fascia will be pulled when the heel touches the ground, so the plantar fasciitis is very easy to occur in the heel area.


2. Damage Mechanism

When running, the plantar fascia is stretched when the arch of the foot becomes low because of the enlarged foot landing area and the increased stress of the plantar fascia. When the foot kicks out, the dorsum of the foot flexes and the tension of the plantar fascia increases. With such repeated stretching, the microfibers of plantar fascia will degenerate, necrosis, rupture, congestion and edema of surrounding soft tissues.

The plantar fascia is prone to fatigue, sprain or injury due to weight or long-term stress, which can affect life and work.


3.4 Methods to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

(1) Wear suitable shoes. After running about 650 kilometers, the cushion pad of running shoes will lose its cushioning effect because of long-term wear and tear. It is generally recommended to replace new shoes or sports insoles after 6 months, but before runners get used to the new equipment, they should reduce the amount of running or exercise until they get used to it.

(2) Before running, warm-up exercises can be done to stretch calf muscles and plantar fascia.

(3) Increase training intensity slowly. It is suggested that a runner should not run more than 10% of the distance per week if he wants to increase the amount of running.

(4) After running, you can apply ice to your feet, especially for those who have recovered from plantar fasciitis.

The importance of insoles is as important as shoes in sports. The insoles that fit on the foot can protect the foot very well. However, when choosing insoles, it is important to know the material used and what performance it has. Like cork insoles, they have good elasticity and shock absorption, while breathing and sweating, they can exercise more easily. Therefore, if you want to buy a suitable pair of insoles, you can choose them in our website.




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