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Do You Know the Common Types Of Outdoor Insoles?

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Do You Know the Common Types Of Outdoor Insoles?

The outdoor insole is an indispensable part of hiking shoes that make it more comfortable to wear and it is also an important component for assisting shoe functions. Outdoor insoles can be divided into six categories according to different Functionality. This article is mainly talk about this six categories of outdoor insoles

Eva Insole

It is an insole derived from outdoor sports shoes. It is only made of EVA ( ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer) foam rubber to form the arc of the sole. Except for the cheapest price, it has little performance. Most of the original hiking boots use this insole.

EVA is also often used in the manufacture of climbing shoes.Buy a pair of good climbing shoes, in addition to attention to the upper material, lining materials, out sole materials, we can not ignore the choice of the mid sole, which mainly plays the role of shock absorption in walking. There are three common types of climbing shoes in the market: PU, EVA, PHYLON. 

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Water pine insoles

As early as hundreds of years ago, Europeans have discovered that water pine is one of the good materials for making insoles. Water pine has the advantages of light, soft and comfortable, and natural air permeability, and the biggest advantage is that it can automatically adjust to the most suitable shape according to the radian of your sole to ensure that it fits. 

Traditional water pine insoles are made by cutting natural water pine with knife into the arc of the sole, but now they have been made by die casting. But the water pine is too soft to provide support or other functions besides comfort;  Also, the water pine insoles are not cheap. 

Medium Support Insoles

This is also the original insole of some advanced hiking boots. It is to add arc-shaped hard rubber holder to the heel of ordinary EVA insoles for better performance in terms of support and stability.

High Support Insole

It is a product between ordinary insole and orthotic insole.It is added to the EVA insole with precise radian and the supporting range extends to the middle palm part. It has better performance in supporting and stabilization, and it is a kind of insole for high arch feet. It has the highest evaluation among insoles sold at present.

Shock-Absorbing Insoles

It is a common EVA insole with Gel or air cushion and other shock absorbing materials on the heel and forefoot. It is most suitable best insole for runners or other similar strenuous exercise. In fact, the shock-absorbing insole is designed for hikers, because the impact of each step of hiking is not so strong, but stability and support is the most needed function of hiking boots and hiking shoes.

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Orthotic Insoles

If it is unfortunate that your foot is injured and it hurts badly when you walk, you need a foot doctor to customize a pair of orthotic insoles for your soles. Among all types of insoles, the orthotic insole is ideal because it is custom made for your feet and it fits your feet in radian or softness. is the best insole for sore feet. But it costs a lot. It usually costs thousands of yuan to make a diagnosis and customize by a doctor.




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