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How Many Training Methods of Flat Foot Do You Know?

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How Many Training Methods of Flat Foot Do You Know?

The arch of foot is one of the important structures of human beings. The arch of the foot can increase the stability of the human body, reduce the shock to the brain, and reduce the pressure on the nerves and blood vessels of the foot. It is a great guarantee for human beings to walk upright. When the arch is collapsed, it becomes a flat foot. People with flat feet can't stand or hike for a long time, otherwise it will cause pain in the soles of the feet. The flat feet can be brought by congenital, or they may be caused by too much weight bearing, and adults may also get them. Therefore, some exercise is necessary to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of flat feet

1. Wearing Orthotic Insoles

Patients with flat feet will feel pain when they walk, so they can choose to buy orthotic insoles for the convenience of walking before effective exercise. The orthopedic insole is biologically designed to help regulate the balance of the plantar muscles and help regulate the normal arch of the foot to stabilize the body and reduce weight. Corrective insole can be customized in a regular hospital. The effect of this kind of insole is better, and it is easier to bring a more comfortable experience.

orthotic insole

2. Exercises your Feet and Toes

The foot muscles can be divided into the back muscles and the plantar muscles. The dorsal muscles are weak, and the effect in exercise is far less than that of the plantar muscles. When the internal muscles of the foot are relatively weak, flat feet will be formed, so it is necessary to have a proper and simple foot exercise. Common exercises is that sitting on a stool, straightening your body, putting your legs flat on the front, making the toes down, straightening your leg muscles, lasting for five to ten minutes, which can be done in daily office. You can also do open and close movements with your toes. 

3. Exercises on the Leg Muscle

The tightness of the calf muscles will bring more pressure to the foot, so that the arch does not consciously collapse. You can perform effective stretching exercises to relax the leg muscles, and proper stretching after running can also prevent the leg from becoming thicker. And you can practice yoga because the stretching effect of yoga is better.

flat feet

4. Exercises on the Heel

You can do some exercises on the heel at home. The training method is standing barefoot on the steps, placing the center of gravity on the forefoot, and the hind paws to vacate. In this way, the instep will be arched to keep balance, and the effect of foot arch exercise has been achieved. 

5. Use of Negative Heel Shoes

In addition to exercising and using the correcting insoles, there are now negative heel shoes designed for flatfoot. Among them, P-type negative heel shoes are used for flat-footed patients. They can help correct flat feet with effective exercise. But the choice of negative heel shoes is best under the guidance of a professional.

The above methods can only alleviate and prevent the disease. For effective treatment, please go to the hospital to consult a doctor, and now flat foot can be treated by surgery.




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