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How Much Do You Know about Sports Basketball Insoles (1)

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How Much Do You Know about Sports Basketball Insoles (1)

Nowadays, many people are wild about doing sports, among all kinds of sports, basketball is one of the most popular kinds, as we all know, sports insole such as basketball insole is vital for us during exercise.

Over these years, with the emphasis on sports health, more and more people around us have gradually paid attention to the insole. At the same time, with the development of materials technology, there comes out the new material of insoles that let our choices be more various.

Supportive Insole 

This type of insole is a best pair of modular insole with EVA material. It has good details, but a little expensive. The type is different from others. The part of EVA is not compressed and thinned. The elasticity is also sufficient. But the support piece of the TPU is too hard. Maybe it is designed for Europeans and Americans. So the insoles that are too hard like TPU insole is not suitable for everybody.  


Base - EVA main material. The main role is to improve the maneuverability of the sport and improve the bounce performance.

High elasticity does not mean that the insole is good, but excessive elasticity will only cause damage to the foot and knee joint. It may be that the "high elasticity" brings a very comfortable exercise experience, but in fact, in a long run, it will only cause damage to the joints. 

Breathable: ★★

Rebound: ★★★★

Protection: ★★★

Non-slip: ★★★

Light: ★

Durable: ★★★★★

Comprehensive recommendation index: ★★★

EVA Insole

EVA resin is a blended foamed product. When you wear it, you can feel that it is very soft. Its flexibility, chemical resistance and other properties also perform well. So there is a wide range of applications, such as low-end travel shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals soles. 


 Because of its low cost, the material is light and soft. This type of insole is mainly used in low-end sports shoes, good sports insoles nearly don’t apply such materials, because EVA insole will become very thin after being worn for a long time, and it is always incapable of breaking through airtightness (not wearing air and wearing long time cause foot odor), only forcibly adding venting holes! In short, I feel not very good, like the hotel free slippers, only the style has changed (the original material is the same!) 

Breathable: ★

Springback: ★★

Protection: ★★★★

Non-slip: ★★

Lightweight: ★★★★

Durable: ★★

Comprehensive recommendation index: ★ ★ ☆

EVA insole

PU Insole

   PU is an abbreviation of “Polyurethane”. Since only a simple modification of the formulation is required, physical properties such as density, elasticity, and rigidity can be obtained. At present, a large number of glass fiber insulation materials, wood, and traditional rubber products have been replaced.

   PU insole is currently used in most middle and high-end sports insoles. The advantage is that the elasticity is good and the long-term wear is not deformed. The disadvantage is that the breathability is not good. 


   At present, there are still many insoles of this kind of material, which is very common. I will introduce the next good PU insole. This insole also has an air cushion! This insole is made of PU and the heel is an air cushion of about 8mm. Wearing a good sense of movement, flexibility is also OK, hardness is moderate, but the disadvantage is that the overall is too heavy (almost twice the weight of EVA), there is a problem with the PU material itself, that is, after wearing for a long time, it is easy to get sweaty.

Breathable: ★

Rebound: ★★★★

Protection: ★★★

Non-slip: ★★★★

Lightweight: ★★

Durable: ★★★★★

Comprehensive recommendation index: ★★★

Silicone Insole

Transparent Silicone Insole is an additive two-component liquid silicone rubber. It is a substance of liquid and solid group "solid-liquid coexisting material". It is made of high quality silica gel, and its appearance is colorless and transparent, and it is jelly-like. It is produced by professional technology. 


   I have a pair of silicone insoles. It is modular. The forefoot and heel are made of silicone. I don’t know what enamel material in the middle has been used, like rubber or soft nylon. It is not recommended to buy this silicone insole for exercise. Because the silicone is too soft, it will slip in the shoe, and it may twist the foot. 

Silicone Insole

Breathable: ☆

Springback: ★★★★★

Protection: ★★

Non-slip: ★★★★

Lightweight: ★

Durable: ★★★

Comprehensive recommendation index: ★ ★ ☆

Sending this post, I hope it can help more people who also like collecting shoes and want to know different types of insoles. Welcome to visit our website to buy gel insoles for running and other kinds of insole for shoes!




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