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How Much Do You Know about the Function of Insoles?

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How Much Do You Know about the Function of Insoles?

The pressure of modern workers is increasing, years of inactivity makes their physical fitness deteriorate. Foot is the second heart of the body. Choosing a correct pair of insoles is conducive to the comfort and health of the feet.


(1) Insoles have the function of foot protection. The insole fills the space between the sole and the shoe bed to prevent the foot from sliding in the shoe. At the same time, insoles can provide good support and stability to the foot, which can play a role in shock absorption in the process of exercise and avoid all kinds of injuries caused by long-term exercise.

(2) The insoles have good air permeability and moisture conductivity. Because the feet are easy to sweat, the bacteria in the feet breed easily, which reduces the comfort of feet environment. Good insoles have good air permeability and moisture permeability, improve the warm and humid environment in shoes, inhibit the growth of bacteria, keep feet dry and clean.

(3) The insoles can promote blood circulation of the foot. The use of insoles for foot health care contributes to physical health, so that promote the blood circulation. Using the insoles is convenient for the foot to move for a long time and relieve fatigue. 



(1) From the material point of view, insoles can be divided into cotton, felt, bamboo charcoal, silica gel, EVA, pu insoles, latex insoles and so on.

(2) In appearance, there are full insoles, half insoles and heel insoles.

(3) From the functions, insoles can be divided into regular insoles, health insoles, orthotic insoles, protective insoles, sport insoles, and environmentally friendly deodorant insoles.Selection of Insoles

When choosing insoles, we should pay attention to the thickness, hardness and moisture absorption of insoles. Too thin, the foot is not comfortable; too thick, it occupies the space inside the shoe and squeezes the foot; too soft, walk for a long time is easy to fatigue; too hard, reduces cushioning and shock absorption. What's more, thin and soft insoles can easily deform when they are worn. 


In summer, you’d better choose fabric or leather insoles, which are strong in sweat absorption, relatively cool and comfortable to wear. In winter, it is suitable to choose felt and cotton warm insoles to prevent the feet from getting cold. People with sacral pain can choose silicone insoles. The sacral pain is mainly caused by pain in the forefoot. It is suitable for the half insoles made of silica gel and placed under the forefoot. The silicone product has good elasticity and can play a supporting role, so that the pressure of the foot moves back, buffering the pressure of the forefoot and reducing local pain. People with flat feet should use the special flat foot insoles under the guidance of a doctor. Such the insoles can be used for physical therapy, massage, strengthening the internal and external muscles, and has certain benefits for flat feet. People who have athlete's foot or sweaty feet and have foot odor can choose bamboo carbon and antibacterial insoles. The insoles made of bamboo charcoal as the core material have obvious moisture absorption and deodorization effect, and can inhibit foot bacteria. 

People often pay more attention to the style, color matching, comfort and wearability of shoes, and pay little attention to the impact of insoles on wear. The importance of insoles is often ignored. In fact, the insoles not only keep the inside of the shoe dry, but also make the shoes easy to clean and the shoes less prone to wear. At the same time, insoles can help to protect the foot, keep the foot comfortable and clean, and can also relieve the pain of the sole caused by standing or walking for a long time, and prevent a variety of foot diseases.





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