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How Much do You Know about Keeping Warm in Winter?

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How Much do You Know about Keeping Warm in Winter?

Winter is coming soon, so what knowledge should we pay attention to? Let's have a look. 

1. Mistaken Ideas of Keeping Warm in Winter

In winter, there are many unhealthy life styles, which are often mistaken as correct ways by some people.

(1) Wearing Masks to Prevent Cold

The nasal mucosa is rich in blood vessels and spongy vascular network. Blood circulation is very strong. When cold air is sucked into the lungs through the nasal cavity, it is generally close to body temperature. The cold tolerance of the human body should be enhanced through exercise. If one relies on a mask to prevent cold, the human body will become delicate and more prone to colds. Maybe wearing a boot warmer inserts is more useful than wearing a mask.

(2) Sleeping with Your Head Covered

If you cover your head when sleep, you will feel warmer, but the oxygen in the bed will be less and less, carbon dioxide and unclean gas will accumulate more and more, so people who sleep with their heads covered will feel groggy and tired when they wake up. If your feet are really cold, you can wear a warm insoles for boots to keep away from cold.

warm insole

(3) Washing Face with Hot Water

In winter, people's faces are stimulated by cold air, and sweat glands and capillaries are contracted. When your face meets hot water, sweat glands and capillaries expand rapidly, but when the heat is dissipated, the face returns to its low temperature state. The change of temperature is easy to make people's face wrinkles.

(4) Drinking to Keep Out the Cold

After drinking, one feels feverish, which is the result of alcohol causing the body to emit original heat energy. After drinking, a large amount of heat energy is released out of the body, which gives people goose bumps and leads to cold after drinking.

(5) Freeze Hands and Feet and Bake with Fire

In winter, hands and feet are exposed for a long time, and the  blood flow will decrease. At this time, if immediately baked with fire, the blood vessels will be paralyzed and lose contractile force, resulting in arterial blood stasis, capillary dilatation, enhanced permeability and local blood stasis. Mild chilblain formation, severe tissue necrosis. Therefore, frozen hands and feet can only be gently rubbed to slowly return to normal temperature.

(6) Scratching Skin with Hands

In winter, when you feel itchy all over because of dryness, you must not scratch with your hands, otherwise you will easily scratch your skin and cause secondary infection. The prevention method is to drink more water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less pungent food such as the food tastes hot and sour, and drink less liquor. Wash frequently and change underwear frequently. For severe pruritus, chlorpheniramine, phenanthrene and other drugs can be taken, and calamine lotion or skin relaxing ointment can also be applied for treatment.


2. Prevent colds in winter

The cold weather makes people more likely to catch colds, anyway it is important to take protection against the cold. The following is a summary of the three steps to prevent colds:

Step 1: Breathe in style when cold. When going out for activities, sometimes due to sudden changes in the weather, the clothes you wear are not enough to keep out the cold. At this time, you cannot tighten your body together, because the tighter the cold is, the easier your body is to invade. Instead, you should do body breathing immediately. The method is to lift your hands to the front of your abdomen, take a deep breath, and when inhaling, you intend to inhale on your limbs, and slightly expand your arms outward, so as to enhance the cold resistance and not feel cold.

Step 2: Rub your back neck when you are cold. If air conditioning has invaded the body and you feel cold all over, rub your neck and back hair with your palm. Rub 100 times with each hand and you will generally perspire. If you sweat, you can avoid catching a cold.

Step 3: wipe scallion, ginger and salt with cold. If you already have the flu feeling, such as sticky saliva and uncomfortable body, then just before going to bed that night, pound 20 grams of scallion, 20 grams of ginger and 3 grams of salt powder, wrap them in gauze and wipe the chest, back, palm, rib cage, elbow cage and instep in sequence, then sleep on the quilt, and get up early the next morning with a little sweat at night. However, we should pay attention to cold protection within two days to avoid repetition.




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