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How Should Children and Pregnant Women Keep Warm During The Winter?

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How Should Children and Pregnant Women Keep Warm During The Winter?

In winter, people always shiver because of cold weather. In this time, the resistance of pregnant women and babies is relatively low, and the virus is easy to enter their body. So we should take measures to keep warm, which is in order to let the expectant mothers meet their babies successfully and let the babies grow up healthily.

So today I will tell you what should be prepared for pregnant women and babies in dressing and diet aspects.

1.Baby Dressing Warmth Principle in Winter

Keep the back warm. It can improve babies’ resistance. If you don’t keep the back warm, when babies sweating on the back, after sweat evaporation, babies will easily get cold.

Keep the stomach warm. If babies stomach get cold, it will influence digestion and absorption. The best way is help babies wear the apron.

Keep the feet warm. There are many nerves in the feet, and the nerve endings of the skin are rich so babies will be sensitive to external reactions. A good way to keep the feet warm is put the warm insoles for boots which is suitable for babies.

And you can also choose the warm orthotic insoles which can not only keep babies’ feet warm, but also is helpful to protect babies’ feet when they try to walk by themselves.

Keep the head warm. The child radiates heat from the body surface. There is one third of it is diverged by the head. The head heat is easy to cause dizziness, even coma. Chinese medicine believes that the head is the most likely to "get angry", when the child sick, they will easily get fever. So we should choose the hat which is suitable for your child to keep the head warm.

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2.Dressing warmth principle for pregnant women in winter

Pregnant women should pay more attention to the weather forecast. Properly paired with a scarf, hat and gloves according to the weather. Remember wear the warm flat shoes with shoe warmer inserts to avoid cold. You can also prepare some warm slippers in the room. The foot warmer inserts are usually very soft and comfortable when you walking on the road.

Pregnant women also cannot wear too thick, because the metabolism of pregnant women is relatively strong, it will cause the amount of heat dissipation of the skin increases. If you wear too much, the feet are easy to sweat, which will lead to a cold easily.

Don't wear tight clothes. Wearing too tight may affect the blood circulation of the placenta, which affects the growth and development of the fetus. And is not conducive to the cleanliness of the genital area.

Underwear is best to be a cotton fabric with strong moisture absorption and good hand feeling. The underwear should be dry and loose. Another point should be mentioned is the heel should be highly suitable and the insole should be non-slip.

3.The Tips On How to Keep Warm With A Good Diet Balance

Eat jujube, brown sugar, ginger soup to promote blood circulation. It also can soothe the nerves.

Eating mutton can play a role in repelling cold. It also can promote blood vessel expansion, help improve blood circulation on the body surface, and play a role in warming the whole body.

You can soak the American ginseng. American ginseng is beneficial to the lungs. It is very effective for middle-aged and elderly people with relatively thin and sick constitutions.

Drink water within a reasonable range.

Here I wish all pregnant women and babies will be healthy everyday rather than get cold.





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