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How To Correct A Child's High And Low Shoulder?

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How To Correct A Child's High And Low Shoulder?

The high and low shoulder is not formed in a short period of time, so many parents do not find the clue when they get along with their children, it wasn't until the apparent high and low shoulder was formed that parents discovered it, and it is difficult to correct the high and low shoulder at this time. Many parents feel that high and low shoulder is an ordinary problem that everyone has, so they don't pay attention to it. But for children, serious high and low shoulder can lead to bone deformity or even more serious problems, so we must not ignore the harm of high and low shoulder. The following is to show you how to correct the high and low shoulder.

1. Stop Crossing Legs

Crossing legs can cause the pelvis to tilt. Crossing legs causes uneven forces in the pelvis. In the long run, it will pull the pelvis and change the original angle, resulting in unbalanced muscle strength on both sides of the pelvis.

2. Correct Sitting Posture

Most people shrug their shoulders and bend over when they are reading, studying, looking at a computer or playing with a mobile phone. Children need to sit at the table for a long time to study, and they will slowly form a wrong sitting posture to maintain the balance of the body. So parents should correct their children's wrong sitting posture in time.

3. Adjust Standing Posture

When standing, a lot of people habitually move the center of gravity to one leg, and after a long time, the center of gravity of the whole body is biased to one side, and then the shoulder is inclined to one side. So when we standing, we should keep the center of gravity in the center of the body and not lean aside.


4. Adjust The Balance of Schoolbag

Children will carry a school bag when they go to school, parents must not let their children carry a single-shoulder bag, because a single-shoulder bag will lead to high and low shoulder. At the same time, parents should maintain the balance of the weight on both sides of their children's backpacks, otherwise there will also lead to high and low shoulder.

5. Stand Against The Wall

Standing against the wall is a very good way to correct high and low shoulder, taking only 15 minutes a day. Long-term practice can correct the high and low shoulder.

6. Stretch The Body

Take the right hand as an example, place your left hand on the left rear to make it droop naturally, place your right hand against the left head, and slowly stretch your head to the right arm. Repeat training, this action can relieve tension muscles.

7. Side Stretch The Body

Take stretching right side body as an example, put right leg behind left leg, make left arm droop naturally, extend right arm inclined upward next, maintain breath balance, continue to press down slowly to the left. 

8. Wear Orthotic Insoles

The orthotic insoles can help children maintain good posture when walking, reduce the situation of high and low shoulder, and help correct the high and low shoulder.

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