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How to Alleviate Knee Pain?

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How to Alleviate Knee Pain?

Knee joint is one of the most important joints of the human body, if this part is not protected, it will cause knee pain, so how to alleviate knee pain?

1. Massage Knee Joint

If you feel pain on your knee, you can massage your knee. Knee pain may be due to aging soft tissue of the knee, especially in the elderly. Massage the knee joint can increase the flexibility of knee joint, and can alleviate the speed of knee aging. Regular massage of the knee can effectively alleviate knee pain.

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2. Reduce Exercise

Exercise can strengthen your physique, but when your knee hurts, you should reduce it. Athletes are at high risk for knee injuries, and it is common to have an accident during a match that results in knee injuries. Therefore, if you feel knee pain, you should stop exercising immediately to avoid further knee joint injuries. If you continue to exercise during knee pain, it will cause a second friction in the soft tissue of the knee, which can cause damage and greater pain.

3. Use Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insole is a medical product that supports the arch of the foot. Insole for knee pain reduces the pressure on the ankle and alleviates knee pain. Because when we walk, at the moment the heel hit the ground, the counterforce from the ground disseminates from the foot to the body. The use of orthotic insoles can effectively reduce the strength of the ground reaction force. Use of orthotic insoles can also relieve patellofemoral pain. Patellofemoral pain is caused by excessive knee load and muscle dysfunction.

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4. Keep Your Knees Warm

Knee pain may be caused by rheumatoid arthritis, which is more likely to occur in the elderly. Many people who ride a bicycle in the winter are also prone to this disease, patients will feel the knee is very cold, and then there is a pain, at this time, you need to keep your knees warm. You can wear warm pants and knee pads, especially in cold weather, to reduce the cold air intruding into your knees, keep the temperature of your knees, and reduce the knee pain.

5. Calcium Supplementation

The decrease of organic matter or the increase of inorganic matter in the body can lead to knee joint pain. Organic matter refers to calcium ion, which can supplement the lost organic matter. At the same time, calcium supplementation can also help strengthen bones, avoid bone aging, increase bone flexibility, and is conducive to body adjustment.

6. Hot Compress Your Knee

This method can alleviate knee pain, each time of hot compress is 20 minutes, three times a day can be applied. In the process of hot compress, it can dilate blood vessels, increase blood circulation of knee joint, improve metabolism of knee joint, relieve muscle spasm and relaxation, greatly improve flexibility of tendon, and thus alleviate knee joint pain.

The above is the related knowledge about how to alleviate knee pain. Winter arrived, we should pay attention to our knees warm, if there are serious knee pain symptoms, then should go to the hospital for examination. Welcome to visit our website to buy best insole for knee pain!




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