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How to Choose Basketball Insoles?

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How to Choose Basketball Insoles?

In 2020, the starting line-up and the substitute lineup of the NBA All-Star Game in Chicago were officially announced. James and Giannis Antetokounmpo were respectively elected as team leader of the east and west. The game time is February 15-17. Many NBA fans watched this game and wanted to play basketball well as them, but do you know that NBA players have very professional equipment such as jersey, basketball shoes, last but not the least, a good pair of basketball insole!

NBA all star


We know that some people will bring a pair of sport insole when playing basketball, because the basketball shoes have different insoles that might not suitable for all of us, and a suitable basketball insoles will help us to achieve a better performance, this article mainly introduces how to choose a suitable basketball insoles?

Why We Need a Basketball Insoles

We may have a misunderstanding all the time of basketball shoes are the most important, as long as you have a good quality basketball shoes, it can protect your feet well or you will have an excellent sports performance. In fact that the first contact point of the shoes is the ground, then it is the insole; and the first contact of our feet is the insole; the quality of the insole directly determines the stability and comfort of our foot. The truth is that many times sport insole required to do first step of protection.

Characteristics Of Excellent Basketball Insoles

High Fit Insole

The high degree of fit ensures maximum the applied force area on the foot and reduces the risk of excessive stretching of the muscle fascia.

Excellent shock absorption effect

The shock absorption effect of the basketball insoles is necessary, especially for some hard bottom shoes, such as type of AJ1 and AJ6.

Arch shock absorption

The introduction of this point is actually a part of the shock absorption, why the basketball insole needs arch shock absorption, because the support of the arch can increase the contact surface, while increasing the shock absorption and tension resistance of the arch (especially excessive tension).You can also choose arch support gel pads.

basketball shoe insole

Wrap of the heel

The warp of the heel is a little bit different from the first point. There are two main points:

1. Domestically, there is not enough emphasis on the wrap of the heel in China. People usually only emphasis on the softness, and there is no literature can be researched about wrap of the heel

2. The wrap of the heel is very important. It not only involves the fit problem of the insole, but also the resistance to the imbalance force of the outside world. It can be said that it has the same effect as the high-top shoes.

How To Choose Basketball Insoles

There is no only standard for the choice of insoles. Everyone's needs, uses and characteristics of shoes are different. We need to choose according to our needs. You do not even have to choose.

But for the people playing basketball, a good pair of basketball insoles is not only means a better performance, but also a more responsible embodiment of your body. And we need get out of these misconceptions, a good basketball insole with silicone gel arch support is not only soft, it should have the above four points at least: the insole has a high degree of fit, a good shock absorption effect, an arch support effect and a strong rap of the heel.

The choice of materials for these four points should not only be hard, but also soft. A pair of Excellent basketball insole should be composed of multiple parts instead of one integrated compression pad, which can meet different needs by using different materials on different areas.




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