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How to Choose Insoles?

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How to Choose Insoles?

The insoles in the market are varied, and often we don't know what kind of insoles are the most suitable. When choosing, we will inevitably pick some inappropriate insoles. In fact, it is not difficult to choose the insoles. Just consider the following aspects to ensure that you choose the comfortable and suitable insoles. 

1. Insoles Material

(1) The warm insoles can not only make the feet a warm in the winter, but also have a good moisture wicking function.

(2) It has the ability to absorb odor, such as ammonia (NH4) in sweat acid.

(3) It has the functions of anti-bacterial.

(4) It has excellent ventilation ability.

(5) Latex insoles have the functions of elasticity, compression resistance and shock absorption.

(6) After long-term wear, pu insoles do not deform or becomes thinner.

(7) If you have the foot pain, you can choose the custom-made orthotic insoles to suit your individual foot shape.


2. Cloth Material

(1) It has excellent sweat absorption function.

(2) The surface of the cloth should be slightly slip resistant.

(3) The hardness of the insoles: the ideal insoles should have a hardness between 20° and 35° (Asker type C). Of course, it should be selected according to the purpose of use. For example, the hardness of leather shoes insoles are about 20° ~25 °; the hardness of the sport insoles are between 30 ° ~ 35 °. Remember, do not choose too soft insoles, otherwise it will cause injury when wearing. 

3. Deodorization

Because the human feet will sweat, if it can not be discharged, it will form a kind of odor, which is often said to be the foot odor and shoe odor. A kind of quick deodorizing and sweat absorbing insoles can be used to solve the problems of adsorbing foot sweat and eliminating foot odor. Its special feature is that it is composed of composite activated carbon fiber felt. The composite activated carbon fiber felt is composed of activated carbon fiber and a bottom layer which is fixed on the upper and lower sides thereof. It uses physical adsorption to solve the problem of sweat and odor, and its physical adsorption process is realized by means of activated carbon fiber in the insoles. The adsorption capacity of activated carbon fiber can be several times higher than that of activated carbon particles. Therefore, it can quickly and effectively absorb the sweat of the foot, and keep the foot dry and eliminate the foot odor without changing the normal metabolic function of the foot sweat gland. In order to increase the strength of the activated carbon fiber, a composite activated carbon fiber felt is usually formed by adhering a layer of breathable cloth to the upper and lower sides of the activated carbon fiber by means of bonding or sewing, thereby greatly improving the mechanical strength of the insoles.


4. Size

Choose the size according to your own situation. But when choosing the insoles, you should consider the size of the shoes and feet especially when choose childrens flat foot insoles or pediatric orthotics shoe insert. If the shoes fit perfectly, the use of insoles will make you feel squeezed feet. If f the shoes are too loose and buy insoles, choose the insoles that are the same size as the shoes is very correct. If the code of the insoles and the shoes are inconsistent, especially when the insoles are too large, you can completely trim the edge of the insoles according to the size of the soles. 

A suitable pair of insoles can not only increase air permeability, protect our foot muscles, but also promote blood circulation in the foot.




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