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How to Choose Sports Insoles?

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How to Choose Sports insoles?

Purchase basis

The sports insole is mainly a shoe accessory with unique characteristics in terms of elasticity, sweat absorption, shock absorption and comfort,

When people exercise, the movements are all done by the strength of the feet, so that the impact of a relatively heavy load is concentrated on the feet; in addition, feet will produce a large amount of sweat, the breeding of foot bacteria, which reduces the comfort of foot environment. 

Most of the soles of sports shoes have the characteristics of shock absorption and high elasticity, But it is not scientific to rely solely on soles to improve sports comfort. Which brings difficulties to insole processing. shock absorption can not affect the elasticity, shock-absorbing materials like memory foam obviously can not meet such requirements; in the selection of materials, after testing various materials, we get the following 2 material recommendations : 

1. High-density foam: This kind of material is used for insole processing, which solves the problems of sweat absorption, air permeability and shock absorption; moreover, this kind of material has strong elasticity. 

2. High-density pullback eva insole material: Although the material has poor air permeability, it has higher resilience and flexibility than other materials, and its shock absorption performance is also very good. It can be used as a preferred material. 

sport shoes insole

Purchase skill

1. Choose branded sports insoles with high-tech technology, For example, it has specific technical parameters. 

2. The insole and the shoe are required to have a high degree of matching, You can feel the performance of the insole with some sports movements such as running and jumping. 

3. The sports insole requires softness and comfort, and the toughness must be good. This will have a better shock absorption effect. It can be bent when folding the insole, requires the recovery to be as fast as possible without any crease. 

4. There should be no foaming or layer peeling on the surface of the insole. Such products cannot be purchased. 

5. Because sports insoles are generally used in sports shoes, they can be purchased in comparison with original insoles. It is generally recommended to purchase similar type products, including functional design and shape, which can be quickly adapted to wear.

Purchase Tips

1. Sports insoles must have the functions of shock absorption, sweat absorption, antibacterial etc. 

2. The sports insole should match the shape and size of the sports shoes, otherwise it will affect the function. 

3. The purchase of sports insoles should pay attention to distinguish between summer and winter. In summer, air permeability is the main factor. In winter, it can be moderately thicker.

Buying mistakes and traps

Buying mistakes

1. The softer the material, the better.

The over soft sports insole does not absorb shock well during exercise, and it is easy to hurt the foot. In addition to being soft, it also requires good toughness.

2. Do not choose a sport insole according to the shoe type, only focus on its function.

If the shoe type is wrong, the function is also difficult to play its full role, and the product will lose its proper function. 

sport shoes insole

Buying Trap

1. Exaggerate products’ functionality, in fact, there is no different from the ordinary insoles. 

2. Promote the products with a well-known technology, but there is no real evidence, such products can not be purchased. 

Maintenance care

1. basically should try to avoid wash insoles. If there is odor, the insole can be removed and placed in the place with good air circulation to dry. 

2. If the environment not allowed, you can put the insole under the faucet and wipe it with a soft brush. Do not use any cleaning agent, otherwise the surface fabric may fall off.

3. Place in the air circulation to dry, do not use a hair dryer or a hot air blower to dry the insole, otherwise the insole may be deformed. 

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