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How to Clean the Insole?

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How to Clean the Insole?

The insole is padded between the sole and the foot, not only to protect the shoes, but also to keep the inside of the shoe dry. More importantly, the insole can relieve the pressure on the foot, absorb sweat, deodorize, prevent beriberi, and protect the foot. The most common insoles are: deodorization insole, sport insoleshoe warmer inserts, gel insoles for shoes, insole support for flat feet, medial arch support insole and so on. No matter what kind of the insole, after a long time use, the insole will become dirty and smelly. How to clean and deodorize the insole at this time?  

1. Insole Cleaning

1) Basically, try to avoid directly cleaning the insole. If there is any odor, take out the insole and place it in the air vent to dry it, or use shoes deodorant to remove the odor. 

2) If the insole is badly dirty, it can be rinsed under the tap and lightly wiped with a soft brush. 

3) Place it in the air vent and dry it. Do not use a hot air blower or a hair dryer to blow the insole. Otherwise, the insole may be deformed. 

4) Get a laundry basin, add white vinegar and baking soda, then add washing powder. Put the insole into it, then add hot water of 70 degrees or more, soak it for ten minutes and then wash it. Both baking soda and washing powder have strong decontamination, white vinegar can also dissolve dirty things, and hot water above 70 degrees can kill fungi and bacteria. According to the above operation, the insole can be washed clean as new.

winter warm insole

2. Insole Deodorization

1) Use charcoal. Charcoal has a strong adsorption function, which not only can dry shoes, absorb the odor in the shoes, but also has strong deodorizing ability. 

2) Use lemon slices. Lemon slices have a special scent, it can not only remove the smell of the insole, but also leave the shoes with a fragrance. 

3) Use desiccant. There is a desiccant in the food. At this time, the desiccant can be collected and put into the underside of the insole, which can play a good deodorizing effect. 

4) Use tea slag. Wrap the tea slag with gauze, put it into the shoes for one night, and take it out the next morning. It not only can deodorize but also have a fragrance of tea.

3. The Principle and Precaution of Deodorization Insoles 

1) Deodorization Principle

Mainly for the foot sweating, dry, and beriberi.

a. For the foot sweating and dry: Many insoles are made of porous design, and the materials are made of latex and other fabrics. The texture is soft and has strong sweat absorption function. It can keep the feet dry and comfortable.

b. For beriberi: Use activated carbon material. It can effectively remove the odor of the feet and keep the feet fresh. 

deodorizing shoe insole

2) Precautions

a. The insole must be replaced every one to two days.

b. Shoes must be kept clean and dry.

c. Change socks every day.

Only when the above 3 points are done, the deodorization insole can achieve better effect.





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