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How to Exercise Properly in the Winter?

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How to Exercise Properly in the Winter?

Nowadys, more and more people pay attention on their health, they exercise more often, but in cold days, how should we do exercise properly? What can help us exercise more efficiently? this article will give you answers.

Sufficient Warm Up

In cold climate, various organs of human body system will have a protective contraction,The elasticity and stretch of the muscles, tendons and ligaments are reduced, the viscosity of the muscles is enhanced, the range of motion of the joints is reduced, and the humidity of the air is small, so that people tend to feel thirsty, irritated, stiff and can not stretched easily.

If you do not do warm-up activities, it will often cause muscle strain and joint sprains. Therefore, when exercising in the winter, especially in the outdoor,  sufficient warm-up activity is necessary, through a little practice of jogging and light equipment, so that the body will be warm and slightly sweating, and then start the fitness exercise

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The Thickness Of The Cloth Should Be Appropriate

In the winter exercise,we need to wear more clothes at the beginning, the cloth should be soft,, after warming up, it is necessary to take off some thick clothes. After exercise, if sweating, you should dry your sweat in time, change your sweating sportswear, shoes and socks, and take on a clean one to prevent heat loss. In addition, you should pay attention to keep warm when doing outdoor fitness exercise, It's easy to get body heat after exercise, but should not stand in the windy place, instead of returning to the room as soon as possible.

Feet are far away from the heart which is supplied with less blood, and having a thinner subcutaneous fatty layer, the thermal performance of our feet is poor. Therefore, it is particularly easy to feel cold when exercising outdoors in the winter. If the head, back, and feet feel cold, and cold air invades the body from the fur and nose and mouth, which not only affects the fitness exercise, but also catches a cold.

Usually, some fitness enthusiasts like to wear fitness shoes all day in the winter, which is not that appropriate. Because the latex insole shoes have fast heat conduction, feet are prone to get cold when not exercising which causes diseases such as frostbite and arthritis.

In winter when you exercise,  you can choose some insoles for running, such as gel insoles for running, gel inserts for boots ,they shouldn’t be too stuffy. If the insole is too stuffy, so that sole sweating, it will make your feet cold conversely. Therefore, you need the warm insoles for shoes or leather orthotic insoleswith strong performance of air permeability, but it do not need to strong as summer sport insole. otherwise it will not be able to keep warm.

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Comfortable Environment

when exercising indoors in winter, be sure to keep the indoor air circulation. In addition, it is not advisable to exercise in the courtyard where the air is turbid in winter. At the same time, it should be noted that poor weather conditions such as heavy winds, heavy snow or excessive cold weather, do not do fitness exercise outside for a while. If you want to exercise outdoors, the place in sunny and shelter should be chosen. 

Appropriate Exercise Method

The exercise interval should be shorter, especially in the outdoor should avoid standing in cold air for a long time. If the gap time is too long, the body temperature will drop, and the muscles will be fatigued from the excited state, and the viscosity will increase, which not only affects the exercise effect, but also is easily injured when performing the following fitness exercise.




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