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How to Keep Warm Correctly in Winter? (2)

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How to Keep Warm Correctly in Winter? (2)

In winter, people always shiver because of cold weather. Ladies want to maintain their beautiful look so they usually wear a little which will let them get cold. At that time, we always thought how can we keep ourselves beautiful simultaneously keep  warm? At this time, I will share some tips about how to keep warm in winter.

People always will wear a lot in winter. But if the human body does not accept the clothes to clothes, it will be unable to keep warm, and it is easy to enter the wind in clothes. In fact, wearing a pair of close-fitting warm pants, plus a wind-resistant down jacket and a fur coat, can play a role in keeping warm. Because we have some special parts should let them to keep warm.When we protect these places, it won't feel cold.

First of all, we must know what parts of our body can be exposed, and what parts can not be exposed.

1. Ear

The ear is small in size, and the area in contact with the air is enormous, so the heat is easy dissipated. And the ear skin is thin, the auricle lacks the protection of subcutaneous fat. Therefore it is easily to have long frostbite.

Remember  "put on" warm outerwear when you go out, such as wearing ear bags, or covering your ears with a wide hat and scarf. When you back from outside into the warm room, you can rub your ears quickly to let them warm up soon. Insist on the morning, noon and night, massage of the auricles for about 5 to 10 minutes every day.

warm earmuffs

2. Back

When the wind invades the human body, the back is the first to bear the brunt. If the back is cold, there will be problems such as back pain, muscle twitching, etc., and may cause discomfort in the lower extremity joints and internal organs, resulting in disease. Especially for people with rheumatic pain, bronchitis, asthma, stomach & duodenal ulcers and cardiovascular disease should pay more attention to  keep your back warm.   Remeber to wear a pair of flex insole for back pain.

3. Waist

The waist is under a close relationship with the kidney. So if your waist get cold, it may revenge to you. For example, ladies whose waist get cold may cause  their menstruation disordered. For gentlemen, it will let you feel painful of your waist, even leading to asynovia and premature ejaculation. Therefore, no matter whether men and women, you must should wear a medium-length coat when the weather becomes cold, don't let the waist be exposed. Especially girls who love beauty, don't wear clothes that will let waist be exposed!

You can usually use your hands to rub your waist. Then, when the two hands are facing the fever, close the waist (located in the 3.5-inch depression next to the spine of the third lumbar spine), it is more effective if you do this in every morning and evening, keep each time 50 to 100 times. It can moderate the kidneys and smooth ventilation.

4. Lap

Many girls who want to become more beautiful would like to wear pantyhose. Although they look pretty beautiful in appearance, the pantyhose do not play a warming role. It may cause arthritis and frostbite. It can also cause local muscle and blood vessels to contract which will let the joint feel painful. The key to protecting the knee joint is to keep warm, put on knee pads, or choose thicker pants on the knees is a good way to does it. And pay attention to exercise within the appropriate amount. In addition to winter, the summer air-conditioned room also will let the knee joints get cold and damp, which should also raise vigilance.

orthotic insoles

Wearing the orthotic insoles can also achieve the effect of protecting the knee. Because orthotic insoles have small resilience which will make the knee feel less impact when we walking on the road. And the warm orthotic insoles can pass heat through the foot nerves to the knees to maintain a heat preservation effect. Leather heel cushions and warm insoles for shoes are also good choices.

I hope this article can help everybody keep away from cold and be healthy everyday.




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