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How to Keep Warm Correctly in Winter? (I)

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How to Keep Warm Correctly in Winter? (I)

In winter, people always shiver because of cold weather. Ladies want to keep their beautiful look so they usually wear a little which will let them get cold. At that time, we always think how can we keep ourselves beautiful simultaneously keep  warm? At this time, I will share some tips on how to keep warm in winter.

People always wear a lot in winter. But if the clothes does not fit our body, they will not be able to keep us warm, making it easy to enter the wind in clothes. In fact, wearing a pair of close-fitting warm pants, plus a wind-resistant down jacket and a fur coat, can play a role in keeping warm. Because we have some special parts should let them to keep warm.

First of all, we must know what parts of our body should be well protected.


We all know that it is very important to keep our feet warm . Although the feet support the human body, it is far away from the heart, which will influence the blood circulation easily. And its subcutaneous fat layer is thin, causing the heat preservation performance poor, so it is easy to be cold. People will get sick because of cold, cold always is transfered from feet. If our feet feel cold, it is easy to affect our heart. So we should pay more attention to keep our feet warm first. 

warm insole

At first, we can wear the thick socks and put on warm insoles. It not only can let us feel warm but also feel comfortable when we walking on the road. The warm insoles should be soft and thick. It will be better if have some villus on them. What need special attention is the insole breathability. If the heated shoes insoles is airtight, it will easily breed bacteria. A good insole has good breathability and moisture permeability, that improves the warm and humid environment inside the shoe, inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and keeps the foot dry and clean. It can also promote blood circulation in the foot again. Using the shoe warmer inserts to promote the health of the feet and relieve fatigue. Except for warm insole for shoe you can also choose thick leather insoles.

Then, we can do some sport after a long time work. For example, walking around every two or three hours. And if you wash your feet with hot water before you sleep every night and make a massage for them, you will feel better. Because it can promote blood circulation then increase the temperature of the feet. This can also play a good role in your health.


Many human meridians gather in the head, so if the head is not protected, just like the thermos does not have a lid, the warm gaseous fluid in the body is most likely to be scattered. The skin of the head is thin, the blood vessels and hair are both quantitative and thick, so the body heat often evaporates from the head.

Relevant research data shows that about 1/3 of the body's heat is emitted from the head when the temperature is around 15 °C. When the temperature is around 4 °C, about 1/2 of the body's heat is emitted from the head. And when the temperature is around minus 10 °C, There will be 3/4 of the body heat "running away" from the head.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear a suitable hat when going out in winter. Wearing a hat in the cold can not only keep warm, but also prevent colds, coughs, headaches and other diseases. 


The cervical vertebra is composed of the seven-section vertebrae of the neck including its cartilage and ligaments. The middle of the spinal cord is wrapped with spinal nerves and blood vessels. So it is an important passage for the trunk and brain. When the neck gets cold, it may cause local vasoconstriction and the blood flow rate will rapidly decrease. Therefore, in the winter, you must prepare a warm scarf, which is resistant to cold, and can avoid sick.

warm scarf

What need to be reminded is that many people are used to wearing their scarves to lick their necks and mouths together. This is not good for health. Because the scarf fiber is easy to fall off, which will absorb dust and germs, and it will enter the body with breathing, causing disease easily.


If the nose is exposed, at the same time the nasal mucous membrane is in contact with the cold air. Then the mucus secretion will be reduced, the capillaries will become brittle, and the "screen" effect of the nose will become worse, which will cause the bacteria to enter the lungs and increase the chance of respiratory infection. So it is important to wear a cotton mask it when going out. When it is cold, massage the nose every day. After rubbing each other on the outside of the thumb, massage the nose up and down 30 times. Remember doing each time before getting up early and sleeping, which can enhance blood circulation in the nose and improve its cold tolerance.

I hope this article can help everybody keep away from cold and be beautiful everyday.





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