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How to Prevent Newly Bought High Heels from Grinding Your Feet?

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How to Prevent Newly Bought High Heels from Grinding Your Feet?

  As Madonna once said that Give me a pair of high-heel shoes , I can conquer the world!And Tom Ford once said that It's hard not to be sexy in a pair of high heels-Tom Ford.

  High heels show a woman's temperament and taste to a great extent.But as we all know, wearing high heels is not a comfortable experience. So, we need to master some tricks of wearing high heels to minimize their harm to us.

Tip 1. Hand cream / Face cream(Leather high heels)

  • With a small hair dryer aimed at the foot of the place to blow then every few minutes to stop blowing, so repeated several times it was blown over the place to be softened.

  • In the grinding  feet on a layer of thick hand cream or cream, leave overnight.

Tip 2. Alcohol

  • Soak a piece of cotton with alcohol.

  • Wrap the cotton in the place where the feet are rubbed on the side of the shoes fix it with a clip and place it overnight, then wear it the next day and it won't rub the feet anymore.

Tip 3.Anti-abrasion sticker

   Most people will put a band-aid on their heel.But i think its unconvenient.Womens can buy the anti-abrasion sticker,and its easy to use. Stick it to the back of your shoe and it will hold for a while

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