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How to Treat and Prevent Flat Feet?

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How to Treat and Prevent Flat Feet?

Last article we introduce about flat feet. We already know the flat feet can be congenital or acquired by other reasons. So today we will tell you how to treat and prevent the flat feet.



Early detection of flat foot disease is very important, patient who suffer from flat feet should be actively examined or treated after the discovery to determine the cause and prevent it from becoming possible irreversible. This is suitable not only for adults, but also for children and adolescents.

The insole is a most commonly way used in non-surgical treatment that relieves pain and supports the arch of the foot to improve the position of the dislocated joint. Additionally, wearing the shoes with hard bottoms can support the soles of the feet, and shoes at the bottom of the rocking chair can reduce the stress on the ankles during walking.

 For those with lesions of the ankle joint, walking boots can be worn to relieve symptoms. But other orthosis such as orthotic insoles may be invalid. For patients with severe malformations, if non-surgical treatment fails, the corresponding surgery can be selected according to the type of lesion. A series of soft tissue and bone reconstruction procedures can be performed to reconstruct the arch position.


shoes with insole


The harm of flat feet not only makes children feel painful when walking, but also has a great impact on his future life. For example, a child likes dancing, but because of his flat foot, the effect of flat feet on his dancing will be serious. His joints, ankles and other closely related parts will be affected. Therefore, prevention of flat feet should begin from a child.

First, let children do more exercise, such as running, skipping, etc., which can exercise the flexibility of children's legs. Besides, improve the strength of the foot muscles and ligaments and promote the development of the arch at the same time.

Secondly, choosing the right shoes with the suitable insoles when children begin learning to walk will be the most important thing. 

Besides, children should have a balanced diet when they are young, taboo picky eaters, which mainly is to prevent children from being flat feet.

Then, can’t let children walk for a long time. Because it would be a burden on their feet when their feet’s bones are still incomplete development. At that time, it was hard of the feet to support their whole body.

Finally, correct the child's walking posture in time, such as the inner eight, outer eight, O legs and so on.


I hope every person who read this article, whether you are flat feet or not, can pay attention to these with a positive attitude. Flat feet is not a terrible disease if you pay more attention , and a timely treatment will be effective.





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