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Precautions for Toe-out Walking or Toe-in Walking

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Precautions for Toe-out Walking or Toe-in Walking

In our daily study and life, once we find toe-out or toe-in feet, we should pay attention to correct them in time. If one of the parents is toe-out or toe-in feet, we must pay close attention to the children's walking and running posture, find problems and correct them in time. 

1. Basic exercise

(1) first of all, strengthen the strength exercises of legs, foot arches and ankle joints. For example: put your feet together in the same place and lift your legs up to practice, and then run with your feet up to practice in the same place or in the middle of the March (with the range and speed controlled by yourself).

(2) master the correct technical movements of running, and under the guidance of the teacher, practice the correct technical movements repeatedly to make the movements reach the dynamic finalization.

(3) people with toe-out or toe-in feet due to the influence of living environment should pay attention to the development of corresponding muscles. For example, do some internal rotation, external rotation thigh exercises and hook instep to do internal rotation, external rotation ankle exercises.

basic exercise

(4) toe-out feet, which are formed by habitual movements, should consciously correct the habit of external splay feet in daily life, while toe-in feet can participate in basic dance training. For example, leg pressing exercise: one foot is supported, the other foot is extended and placed on the handle about 80cm high to press the leg forward, and the toe of the leg to be pressed is required to rotate outwards.

(5) use the professional foot accessories for correction. After a certain period of time, the effect can be achieved. A pair of professional orthotic insoles will be a good choice.

(6) correct body shape and stand and walk in correct standing posture can not only effectively solve the problem of toe-out, but also solve the problem of hunchback.

In a word, no matter toe-out or toe-in foot, as long as we consciously carry out orthopedic and various exercises, and insist on correct walking and running posture for a long time, we can definitely correct it.

2. Correct standing posture

(1) vertical type

Vertical type is the most basic stance. It requires the upper part of the body to be straight, erect the waist, tuck in the abdomen, full of spirit, the shoulders to be flush and extended, the arms to be naturally drooping, the hands to be placed on both sides of the body, the head to be straight, the eyes to be horizontal, the mouth to be slightly closed, the jaw to be slightly closed, and the face to be smiling; the lower part of the body should be close to the legs, the joints of the legs and the hip to be straight, the feet to be "V" shape, and the center of gravity of the body to fall in the middle of the feet. It is generally used in more formal occasions, such as attending important celebrations of enterprises, listening to speeches of distinguished guests, taking photos after business negotiations, etc.

basic exercise

(2) handshake type

Handshake type is mainly used for ladies. The handshake type is based on the basic standing posture, with hands clasped, slightly raised and placed in front of the abdomen. The feet can also be separated back and forth slightly: one foot is slightly forward and the other is slightly backward, and the heel of the front foot is slightly closer to the instep of the back foot. Men can use this posture sometimes, but their feet should be slightly separated. It can be used for etiquette greeting and standing service at the front desk. 

When correcting walking posture, you can use orthotic insoles to help!




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