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The Basic Understanding of Flat Feet You Should Know

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The Basic Understanding of Flat Feet You Should Know

The arch is an important structure of the human foot. With the arch of the foot, it will be elastic. It can absorb the impact force from the ground to the foot. Besides, it can lock the midfoot joint to make the foot hard and promote human activities better.


Flat foot disease, also known as flat foot, refers to the low or flat arch of the arch, the valgus of the foot, the collapse of the arch when standing and walking, causing a deformity of the foot pain. If the mobility of the joint still exists, it is called reversible flat foot or flexible flat foot. If there is joint disease, which limited mobility, and the deformity cannot be reset is called stiff flat foot.


Cause Reasons

Flat feet can be innate or acquired. Children's arches are often formed between the ages of 4 and 6. A lot of children and adolescents’ flat foot is congenital. Children inherit flat feet from their parents, or it may be caused by other reasons, resulting in the collapse of the arch. Additionally, secondary flat feet in symptomatic adults are called adult acquired flat feet. There are many causes of secondary arch collapse, such as joint degeneration, trauma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy, tumor and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. 

Clinical Manifestation


It is usually located on the medial side of the foot (posterior foot pain) and is exacerbated after standing or walking for a long time, then often progressive aggravation may occur. Occasionally, pain can also be located next the lateral ankle. This is the result of the hindfoot valgus caused by the collapse of the arch, followed by the impact of the tibia and the calcaneus.

flat feet


Pain outside the joints, especially at the scaphoid nodules.

Abnormal walking posture

Pain in the foot and collapse of the arch can cause running and even walking ability to decline and gait abnormalities, such as the outer eight-gait gait.

Pain and abnormal gait

It can affect other joints of the body, such as excessive valgus and internal rotation of the affected foot, resulting in compensated valgus of the knee joint and compensatory external rotation of the hip joint, which may lead to knee, hip, lower back or other parts’ pain and arthritis. Individual flat feet may have the symptoms of the lower back pain.

Severe flat foot deformity

It can be seen that other joints of the ankle and feet are involved, such as the lower joint and the transverse joint’s  flexibility is reduced or even stiff. 

Flat foot disease

Can be accompanied by fasciitis, sacral sinus syndrome.

If you are one of the flat foot patients, don’t worry about this, a pair of orthotic insole would be a good choice. orthotic insoles can help to correct the flat foot.




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