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Treatment and prevention of Barbiers

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Treatment and prevention of Barbiers

Barbiers, caused by fungal infection, usually causes skin damage on one side first and then on the other side after weeks or months. Blisters mainly appear in the belly and side of the toes, most commonly between the three and four toes, and can also appear in the sole of the foot. They are deep small blisters that can gradually fuse into bullae. Barbiers' skin lesions are characterized by a clear border, which can gradually expand outwards. Due to the development of the disease or scratching, erosion and exudation may occur, and even bacterial infection and pustules may occur. 

1. Treatment            

(1) Erosion and exudation between toes            

Do not externally use irritant drugs, it is best to make the wound convergence and dry before use. It can be wet applied with 1:8000 potassium permanganate solution, and then applied with oil or powder externally. After the skin is dry, it can be used with cream or ointment such as terbinafine hydrochloride.            

(2) If the keratosis and thickening of skin are serious, it is difficult for antifungal drugs to penetrate and absorb.            

You can use 10% salicylic acid ointment or compound benzoic acid ointment to soften the horniness, and then use antifungal drugs. If the skin is obviously dry and cracked, it can be soaked in warm water every time to soften the horniness and then use antifungal drugs. You can also apply ointment locally after soaking in warm water every time, and then use plastic film to seal and wrap the bandage externally. After 24-48 hours, remove the package and bandage, and then use antifungal drugs.           


(3) Blisters on feet            

It can be soaked in 3% boric acid solution first. Then use Bifonazole Cream and other antifungal cream.            

(4) Barbiers with bacterial infection should be locally resistant in principle.            

It can be wet applied with Furacilin Solution or 1:2000 berberine solution. Patients with severe infection can take antibiotics orally, such as Cefalexin capsule, erythromycin, etc.

 (5) systemic treatment            

For stubborn barbiers, oral medication can be given without contraindications. Such as terbinafine, itraconazole, fluconazole, etc. These oral drugs have good effect, but we should pay attention to the possible side effects. Those with poor liver function should not use them.            

(6) Insist on medication            

Barbiers is a chronic infection. Fungi grow and propagate in the cuticle, and it needs long-term medication to completely remove fungi. Therefore, after the symptoms of barbiers are relieved, patients still need to adhere to the medication. The metabolic cycle of the skin is about 28 days, and the time of medication must last more than four weeks. It's better to have a fungus test. If the result is negative for three weeks, barbiers will be cured.           

shoes with insole

 (7) Do not use drugs randomly            

The most important thing for barbiers is that patients should be treated according to the classification. Do not treat yourself, which often delays and aggravates the condition.         

(8) Medication should be based on the specific conditions of the lesions.            

Tinctures should not be used for ulcers. If the skin becomes thicker, ointment should be used for the cracks           

(9) Acute inflammation occurred in the local area when barbiers developed secondary infection.            

When barbiers has secondary infection, it can not be treated according to the general barbiers. We should deal with the secondary infection first. If there is redness and swelling, external application of boric acid water or furacilin liquid cold and warm compress can be applied locally. If necessary, antibiotics should be applied to the whole body.           

2. Prevention            

(1) Pay attention to cleaning, keep dry skin, keep feet clean, clean several times a day, and change socks frequently.            

(2) The foot washing basin and towel should be used separately to avoid infecting others.            

(3) It is not suitable to wear sports shoes, tourist shoes and other airtight shoes at ordinary times, so as to avoid excessive sweating and aggravation of foot odor. The person with close toe seam can use clean gauze or cotton ball to clip in the middle or choose socks with split toe, which is conducive to water absorption and ventilation. we can also prepare antibacterial insoles or disposable insole.         

(4) Do not eat food that is easy to cause perspiration, such as chili, green onion, raw garlic, etc.            

(5) The mood should be peaceful. Excited and excited emotions are easy to induce hyperhidrosis and aggravate barbiers.            

(6) Barbiers is a kind of infectious skin disease, so we should avoid scratching, prevent self infection and secondary infection.     

In case of barbiers, see a doctor in time!




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