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What Are Pigeon Toe and Toe Out?

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What Are Pigeon Toe and Toe Out?

The pigeon toe is a skeletal deformity of the lower extremities, which is divided into two types: the splay foot and the coolname pigeon. Generally, the splay foot is more common in small babies who are learning to walk, while the pigeon toe is more common in children who are already walking. 

Pigeon toe

The pigeon toe means that when the child walks, the calf rotates inward and looks O-shaped, with the toes facing inward. When you hold the child's kneecap, you will find it from the outside to the inside. The calf has a tendency to rotate. One of the reasons for the pigeon toe is knee inversion, that is, when the lower limbs are close together, the joints of the feet cannot be closed together. This is the X-leg as we known. In addition, if the children are flat feet, it is also an important reason for the coolname pigeon. If a child has a pigeon toe, his parents must pay more attention. It is best to correct the treatment before the age of 5, the difficulty of correction will gradually increase after 5 years old. The main reason for the coolname pigeon is that it is too early to stand and walk in childhood, the strength of the legs is weak, it is difficult to maintain the balance of the body, the toes are naturally separated to the left and right to expand the area of the soles of the feet and increase the stability, Finally it slowly form habit.

in-toeing and out-toeing

Splay foot

The main cause of splay foot is calcium deficiency in children, which is vitamin D deficiency rickets. At this time, the skeletal bone of the child is softened due to the decrease of calcium deposition and hyperplasia of the cartilage. In addition, the child has begun to walk and learn to walk. The softened lower limb bone can not bear the pressure of the body, so it gradually bends and deforms to form a splayed foot. Besides, inappropriate parenting methods may also lead to splay foot, such as forcing the baby to stand and walk too early. Usually people walk and run toes are forward. But some people toe out while walking and running. Splay foot means that the toes are outward when walking and running. It can be divided into mild, moderate and severe splay foot. 

Reasons of pigeon toe and splay foot

1. Innate genetic factors. The parent is pigeon toe or splay foot, and the child born is easy to suffer from one of them.

2. Insufficient strength of the legs and ankles. This phenomenon is particularly evident in sprints. In order to run fast, some people struggled and squatted, and their feet involuntarily turned inward or outward. To alleviate this situation, a good insole for flat feet can be used.


3. Wrong running or walking posture.

4. The impact of the living environment.

5. It is unscientific for a baby to wear hard leather shoes during his toddler life. Because children's feet are soft, the strength of the ankles is weak, and the shoes are hard and heavy. Over time, they distort the gait. Mothers have to remember the toddler period, wearing cloth shoes is the best choice. Older children can use children insole, which is good for their growth.

6. Due to the prolonged wear of the knee and ankle joints, it is also a major cause of football players' splay foot. 

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