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What Are the Influences of Children’s Flat Feet?

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Mothers should choose a pair of shoes which is suitable to your baby when he learn walking. Because suitable shoes with right insoles can prevent flat feet. According to the study, the number of children suffering from flat feet in China is rising year by year.


The Influences of Flat Feet

Flat feet are caused by abnormal bone morphology, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture, and chronic strain. The flat feet will let the child lose the protection for nerves of the foot while walking. In the future, children's dancing, running, and some difficult movements will be affected.

Besides, children who are flat feet may feel tired when they are walking. Their pace speed  is slower compared to other normal children. And their nerves of feet will be injured when they walking for a long time, which will affect their normal growth development.


How to Treat Children’s Flat Feet

Mothers should check the babies health in time. The flat feet can be checked when baby is three years old. And if you find your baby is flat feet, take him to the doctor. Actually, it is normal when babies are flat feet when they learn to walk at the first time. Because at that time their feet’s bones are not completely developed. You can use orthotic insoles to treat it in time. If the symptom is serious, having a surgery is needed.

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Whether the Children Flat Feet Can Be Rectified Or Not

Children flat feet can be easily rectified if you found it early enough. When a child is diagnosed with a flat foot, the parents should choose the shoes for the child with suitable insoles. Changing the insoles of a shoe is the most common non-surgical treatment. Its main role is to support the arch of the foot, so that the position of the dislocated joint is improved. The shoes should be hard bottomed to reduce the stress on the ankles during walking. 

If it is very serious, parents should bring their children to have a surgery to rebuild their ankle’s position. Following are the tips about rectifying children’s flat feet:

1. Walking with different parts of the feet such as the back part , front part or the two sides of the foot.

2. Stretch your legs forward, force your toes and tipping your toes slow to fast for around 20 seconds each.

3. Using toes to pick up something and exchange it right to left.

4. Holding a small ball together with the feet and alternating it left to right. Do around 20 seconds each.

5. The adult holds the child's hands with his hands then lifts them up to let the child stands with the forefoot. Then the adult’s hands slowly fall down, so that the child stands with the whole feet. Repeat this 4 times for a group, and relax after 2-3 times.

Wish every kid can grow up with health and happiness.





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