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What Does the Complete Outfit of an NBA Player Include?

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For a new generation of fans, in addition to spending time in physical exercise and basketball technology, they are willing to pay much money for their own basketball equipment. As we know, basketball is a sport that has fierce and frequent contact, and good equipment is one of the indispensable elements which is essential. As a top league of professional basketball, NBA has an unimaginable strength which is more strict on sports equipment, and the price of the equipment is also one of the topics the key which fans are most concerned about


As is known to all, basketball of the NBA player is made of kangaroo skin. Every team will order 50-60 basketballs every year. The basketball will be printed with the logo and name of the team, and it will be used for training and competition. 


Jerseys and Socks

Jerseys are relatively cheap for the whole equipment of NBA players. They are provided by the NBA for free. The price is about 70 dollars, which is not much different from the jerseys we can buy on the market. The socks, sponsored exclusively by stance, cost between $8 and $30 a pair. 

Basketball Shoes

The basketball shoes which NBA players wear are almost free for them. Especially for those players who sign up with sports brands, their shoes are basically provided by manufacturers. For example, when Harden signs up with adidas, adidas directly sends two coaches of basketball shoes to him, the price of which is usually between 100 and 300 dollars.

Knee, Wrist, Elbow, Waist Set

The pads of knee, wrist and elbow are not the items worn only by NBA players. The items worn by NBA players may be a little more expensive, but they don't add up to more than $100.

However, the waist supporter is the most expensive. The supporters of NBA players'  are usually made during training, which provides the essential protection for NBA players. However, for us, it is too expensive. 

basketball player


The basketball insoles worn by the players should not only ensure the comfort of the players, but also record the data of the players in many aspects during the game. After the player has used it, the manufacturer will take the sports insoles back and analyse the data so that they can design custom insoles that fit the player better. 

Goggles and Protective Masks

Protective masks are a good corrective for nearsighted players, and goggles can effectively protect the eyes, bridge of the nose, and even the cheeks.

As the biggest and best basketball league, the NBA must be the best in the world in terms of physical confrontation and the basketball appreciation. It brings together the best basketball players in the world who have the most athletic talent and the most frightening physical qualities. Of course, in order to protect these basketball players, the league has to equip them. And there are so many other things that NBA players wear that I don't  list.




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