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What Is An Embroidered Insole?

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What Is An Embroidered Insole?

Embroidered insoles are a kind of handicrafts from the folk, which have a history of more than 3,000 years. According to legend, this kind of insole with thousands of needles is a joy and peace of the people. It is said that insoles have the effect of disaster relief and shelter, which can bless the owner. Let's walk into the wonderful world of embroidered insoles

The historical origin of embroidered insoles

During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the handicraft industry and the sideline industry had a certain development. In addition to tea picking, wax picking, cinnabar mercury, and medicine collection, the Tujia textile industry was more prominent. In fact, embroidered insole is the most representative because of its exquisite craftsmanship and rich patterns. The insoles are comfortable to wear, and have certain health care functions,which have been used by local nobility, local rulers and court tributes.

embroidered insole

At the same time, hand-made shoes and embroidered insoles are also high-end gifts for the Tujia children to express their feelings and convey friendships, and this custom has been maintained to this day. With the acceleration of the development of modern civilization, this unique and nationally-owned artisanal art manufacturing industry has been better developed.

Production of embroidered insoles

Hand-embroidered insoles are mainly divided into embroidered insoles, cut-shoe insoles, cross-stitched insoles, hand-woven insoles, and looped embroidered insoles.

Hand-embroidered insoles must go through the process of making molds, making noodles, playing alkyne, sounding, drawing, edging and embroidering. The difference is the embroidered part. The embroidered insole is applied to the insole. The cut velvet insole is It is made by the method of nano; the cross-stitch insole is applied to the insole by the method of cross rust; the hand-woven insole is woven with the diameter of the plant; the velvet embed is made with a special needle, one needle and one needle Patterns. Their styles are diverse and bright and beautiful.

embroidered insole

There are three kinds of embroidery methods for embroidered insoles: paper-cut applique embroidery, flat-needle embroidering and picking embroidery, and different embroidering methods have different results.

The function of embroidered insole

Tujia insoles are not sloppy from the selection of materials to the production, in addition to the natural simplicity, beautiful and elegant, it is more durable, if you pay attention to maintenance, you can use it for more than 10 years. From the point of view of modern medical care, the raised silk thread on the insole has a good massage effect on the sole of the foot. It is very comfortable to walk, and has the functions of deodorization and sweat absorption. It has high practical value; as a craft, it is With a high collection value, it is a good gift choice for friends and relatives!

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