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What Is Diabetic Sufficient? How to Prevent Diabetic Foot?

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What Is Diabetic Sufficient? How to Prevent Diabetic Foot?

Diabetes is a disease that causes faulty or insufficient  insulin  production or low sensitivity to insulin. And Insulin is an essential hormone that is responsible for helping cells absorb sugar from the blood to use for energy.

Prolonged periods of high sugar levels in the blood can damage many areas of the body, including the feet. Diabetes is responsible for over 50% of all foot amputations in the U.S.

How to prevent diabetic foot?

(1) Wash feet everyday

Wash your feet to keep them clean always. Keeping your feet clean is one of the most important steps for diabetic foot care, and washing your feet daily is the simplest and most effective way. Of course, wash your feet in the right way.However,people with diabetic foot have a decreased sense of temperature, so foot baths are not recommended. If you need to soak your feet, the water temperature should be controlled at no more than 40℃.

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(2) Check your feet everyday

Check your feet everyday as daily routine.Foot check needs perserve, check between the sole of the foot, toe after bath for instance, check to have abrading, blister, putty crack wait for all sorts of injury, observe at the same time color of the foot ministry of skin has become dark, toenail is deformed, have local ulcer to wait.

(3) To wear comfortable shoes and socks

Comfortable shoes, insoles and socks give your feet an extra layer of protection. Suitable shoes and socks can play a better protective role and reduce the risk of amputation. Travel shoe or cloth shoe is more suitable.Wear socks to try on shoes when you buy them. Wear new shoes gradually, starting with 1-2 hours a day and gradually increasing the wearing time. 




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