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What Is Heightening Insole?

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What Is Heightening Insole?

Because of the different conditions of parents, the gene not only affects a person's appearance and body shape, but also determines the height of a person to a certain extent.

But the controllable condition of height can be achieved by changing the thickness of the sole. In addition to wearing thick-soled shoes or high-heeled shoes, the heightening insole would be the best choice. Now let us have a deeper understanding of heightening insole. 

1. Definition

The heightening insole is designed to increase the visual height and uneven legs length caused by diseases. Heightening insole does not have the function of promoting the body's growth to increase the height or curing diseases. 

2. The Principles of Application

Inner heightening insole is mainly adopting a three-dimensional slope design. Which puts the heel in a high place and the foot will trend be down.  Which will let people looks taller than their true height.   

3. Classification

①According to the materials, we can get the insoles of EVA heightening insole, TPR imitation silicone high insole and CPU casy polyurethane heightening insole.

②According to the different sizes, we can classify the half yard pad heightening insole, seven-point pad heightening insole and full pad heightening insole.

③According to the different levels of height, we can classify low position insole (about 1.5-3cm),  median insoles (3.0-4.5cm) and high position insole (more than 4.5cm). 

gel height increase insole

4. Scope of application

①The persons who have long or short legs for various reasons.

②The persons whose height is below to the normal value.

③Suitable for the shoes.

④The persons who have needs. 

5. Infantile Malnutrition

The inner insole can not be used for a long time. Otherwise it will produce a stinky shoe, which will cause the foot to become stinky. It should be changed or cleaned regularly. If you don’t do that, it is easy to get foot odor.

The inner heightening insole is not accepted by all the persons or shoes.

①The inner insole is only suitable for upper shoes with higher uppers. Otherwise, the shoes that are placed inside the insole will appear to be uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and often fall off. It is very inconvenient to hurry.

②It is not suitable to the teenagers. Because it wll influence their growth and development.

③It is not suitable for the shoes which are already having a high heel. 

The inner heightening insole was used by many friends around me. Although it will make you look taller immediately, if you wear it for a long time, it is not very comfortable. Later you basically will give up wearing the inner heightening insole. What I want to tell you is that in addition to wearing heightening products, a reasonable diet and physical exercise is more important. 

Remember try to get enough sleep every day, don't stay up late. Keep exercising for an hour every day, such as skipping, running, swimming, playing, kicking, and practicing exercises. A good mood is also very important. So you should always let yourself keep a cheerful and optimistic attitude.





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