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What Is Latex Insole?

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What Is Latex Insole?

With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the things that will be helpful to our health. Walking is the most basic sports in our lives, thus the role of shoes and insoles in protecting our feet has received more attention. Generally, the quality of the insoles has a certain influence on the comfort level of the feet. A good insole not only makes us easy to walk, but also benefits our body.

Today I will introduce one of the insoles for you which is called latex insole.

1. The Definition of the Latex Insole

Latex is natural rubber juice that is extremely precious. The latex insoles are made of latex and have good elasticity to meet the various needs of different people.  It also will be a major trend in future footwear.

Latex sponge is a high-performance cushioning material. It is produced by foaming process which also is a lamellar sponge with numerous pores. And this makes it have high permeability (breathability). Additionally, it has good water absorption properties. It has been used for a long time in the footwear and sporting goods industries. 

latex insole

2. Advantages

Latex insole has anti-bacterial, breathable, odor-resistant feet, strong resilience and other characteristics, which the traditional EVA/return rubber shoes don’t have. Its permeability enables us to avoid the problem of foot odor caused by bacterial growth because of sweating.

②It also is very healthy and environmentally friendly. Because as a superior product processed from natural latex, latex sponge does not contain harmful chemical components. It meets the environmental requirements of the European Union [RoHS], and the vulcanization of the material can be biodegraded without any pollution to the environment.

③It is easy to clean. And it also can be used for a long time. Some insoles with a bad quality may be broken after washing or not easy to dry. But the latex insoles have great hydrophillism and permeability. Thus, makingt it easy to be cleaned.

latex insole

④Soft enough. The latex insole is very soft which is only a litter adamant than sponge. People who wear it can feel comfortable when you walk around on the road for a long time. Because it is soft enough to reduce the impacts on the foot which is caused by the shock.

It doesn’t mean that every latex insole is good. Some latex insoles with poor quality may let people get allergy. And because the latex is made of natural formation, it will be more difficult to product which cause its cost becomes higher than other insoles.

However health is the most important thing in this era. Although the latex insole is a little expensive than others, I think choose it with a high price but good quality is better than pay the money buy a poor quality thing that may influence our health. Do you think so?





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