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What Is Orthotic Insoles?

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What Is Orthotic Insoles?

Principle of orthotic insoles

The orthopedic insole is a product that changes the surface of the insole to suit the wearer's individual foot shape. Just as many people need to wear glasses (technically called visual correction),

The orthopedic insole is based on the biomechanical design of the foot. The unique dual density 100% EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) structure allows for the creation and addition of a wide range of modifications and deflection angle on orthopedic insoles, making it a customizable orthopedic insole that can be molded with plaster and fixed directly on the patient's foot, and providing enough space and protection for the foot.
       The orthopedic insole can be heated and molded onto the patient's foot or in a plaster mold, or it can be sanded and formed using a bench grinder, and various bending angles can be molded under heat and pressure (these angles can also be eliminated by heating).

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The orthopedic insole is made according to the principle of biomechanics, which is made by the normal model of the normal person (that is, according to the normal ergonomic structure), and the heel angle of 5° is set to increase the angle to the best of walking. Customized insoles have a good effect on foot care, increasing walking time and exercise energy. Combining unique angles and curves in the design, the patented dual density system provides patients with the dual benefits of support and comfort.

The Origin Of The Orthopedic Insole

During the Second World War, in order to improve the speed and save time of soldiers marching, Germany developed different types of foot aids for different foot types. This research gradually gained attention after the war. In 1948, Romanian George Alznner went to West Germany to study plastic surgery, and then spent four years studying physiology to propose the famous Ehrlich effect. The so-called Ehrlich effect - it is a principle that can correct the foot shape and straighten the body posture. The arch orthosis will train the foot muscles and correct the abnormal foot shape.

Specifications Of Orthotic Insoles

1. Soft orthotic insoles : suitable for patients with weight 45~65kg.

3. Hard orthotic insoles : suitable for patients weighing more than 75kg.

4. Sports/special orthotic insoles : suitable for joint adjustments and sports shoes.

5. Children's orthotic insoles : used by children.

6. High-heeled orthotic insoles : suitable for high heels.

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Reatment Effects Of Orthotic Insoles

Orthopedic insoles apply in hallux valgus, foot lesions, foot pain, foot and ball pain, foot loss, tibial tuberosity, Achilles tendinitis, medial knee pain, internal Turn the sprained, child's heel pain. Patients with osteoarthritis/calcaneus osteoarthritis, sacral occlusion, osteitis, lateral pain and forefoot valgus deformity, restricted toe activity, foot ulcers and deformities, back pain and lower limbs The elderly, Achilles and the pain in the front and low pain in the forefoot. At the same time, the flat foot, high arch foot, internal and external foot, and diabetic foot can also be corrected.

Insole Customization Process

Gait balance analysis, foot pressure test → 3D scanning foot type → CAD reasonable adjustment and design → CAM data processing → exclusive insoles, shoe lasts → select shoes  → exclusive shoes custom → try on experience.




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