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What Is the Function of Outdoor Mountaineering Insoles?

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What Is the Function of Outdoor Mountaineering Insoles?

Mountaineering shoes is one of the indispensable equipments in the outdoor activities, but many people will ignore the importance of mountaineering insoles, choose a good pair of insoles can ensure foot comfort. The function of insoles has become an important component of mountaineering shoes. 

1. Shock Absorption and Cushioning

Shock absorption insoles can also be divided into two types: one is hard insoles, the other is soft insoles. The muscles of the human heel has the natural shock-absorbing function. With a hard insole of suitable curvature, it plays a good shock-absorbing role and it is suitable for some stable and lasting activities such as fencing, stepping, hiking and so on. The other type is the soft insole that uses Gel, air cushion and other materials to absorb the impact of heel landing. It is suitable for running, basketball and so on. 

2. Preventing Sliding

The footbed in the shoe is flat, but your foot is not. The foot will slide in the shoe while walking, so every step of walking will take a little more effort, long-distance walking is easier to increase all kinds of trauma. The three-dimensional insole can be used to fill the gap between the sole of the foot and the footbed, reducing the sliding in the shoe.

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3. More Comfortable

The rubber soles of mountain climbing shoes are heavy and hard because of outdoor safety considerations, so they are wearable. Many people who wear hiking shoes for the first time are harder to get used to, so a thicker outdoor insole can slow down this feeling and make the foot feel more comfortable.

4. Enhance Support

The insoles can reduce the swing of the heel when walking, thus reducing the fatigue the chance of trauma during outdoor walking.

5. Posture Correction

Some orthotic insoles can be used to correct walking and standing postures. Due to some factors, some people's spine and leg bones are not 100% vertical when standing. When they walk, they swing left and right, causing various bone and joint trauma in the long term. The orthopedic insoles can correct the posture of walking and standing, thus reducing the trauma. Among all types of insoles, the orthopedic insole is the most ideal because it is custom made for your feet and match your feet in radian or hard.EVA foam rubber insoles are only made of EVA foam rubber to form the arc at the sole of the foot. In addition to being cheap, it has no other features. Most of the original hiking boots are chosen of these insoles. 

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Medium support outdoor insoles are also the original insole of some high-grade hiking boots. It adds arc-shaped hard rubber bracket to the heel of ordinary EVA insole to make it perform better in support and stability. It can reduce the swing of the heel when walking, thereby reducing fatigue and trauma opportunities. 

The highly-supported insoles are attached to the EVA insole with precise curvature and the support extends to the middle of the foot. It has better performance in support and stability. It has the highest evaluation among insoles sold independently at present.

As early as hundreds of years ago, Europeans have found that water pine is one of the good materials for making insoles. Water pine has the advantages of light, soft and comfortable, and natural air permeability, and the biggest advantage is that it can automatically adjust to the most suitable shape according to the radian of your foot to ensure that it fits. Traditional water pine insoles are made by cutting natural water pine with knife into the arc of the foot, but now they have been made by die casting. However, the water pine is also too soft, in addition to comfort can not provide support or other functions, and the water pine insoles are not cheap.

All in all, when participating in outdoor activities, it is very important to choose a suitable pair of sport insoles.




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