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What Is the Insole?

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What Is the Insole?

What is the insole? You might think it’s just a little thing in the shoes. However, small things have great knowledge. In Chinese folk customs, the embroidery decoration of clothing, shoes and hats often have a certain meaning and connotation, which have placed its beautiful blessings and ideals. In the past, the insole was embroidered by the mother-in-law to the newlyweds. The red background reveals the joy of the wedding and the joy of the mother. The various patterns in the insole symbolize people's good yearning for life. Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology, the function and classification of insoles are also increasing. Do you know the main classification and use precautions of insoles? Let us know about it along with the article.

Insole definition

The insole is widely used in the footwear industry, health care and special functions; it is generally divided into two modes: the application-type insole of the shoe-making application shoe factory and the market commodity type. The insole used in the footwear industry mainly cooperates with the outsole and the midsole of the shoe to make corresponding shapes; the size plate is made according to the bottom plate or the panel, thus the corresponding shape is produced. The market-based insole is mainly a product that is sold directly as a commodity by an insole, designed by a developer, and circulated in the market.


Insole classification

Role classification

1. Health insoles are health benefits for the human body. Such as: antibacterial insoles, deodorant insoles, Chinese medicine insoles and so on.

2. Function insole: It is a shoe pad with special functions. Such as: anti-static insoles, increased insoles, waterproof insoles, air circulation insoles, etc.

Material classification

There are many materials for the insole, such as EVA, sponge, silica, tpr, latex, cloth, and leather.

Use classification

According to the use, the insole can be divided into sports insoles, air circulation insoles , orthopedic insoles , shock absorption insoleswarm insole , increased insole , anti-slip insole , electronic heating insole , massage insole , magnetic insoles , anti-static insoles ,drug insoles , waterproof insoles and conventional insoles.

Appearance size classification

Insole size can be divided into: whole insole . half code pad (semi-inserted) . seven-point pad . forefoot pad , heel pad, waist stickers.


Production process classification

The manufacturing process of the insole is roughly divided into seven types: cold-formed insole , thermoformed insole ,cast molded insole , injection molded insole , textile molded insole , hand-embroidered insole. 

Wearing attention

1. Health care insoles, such as traditional Chinese medicine insoles, loofah insoles, bamboo charcoal insoles should be changed frequently and kept dry.

2. Increase insole, shock absorber insole and other functional insoles need to pay attention to comfort.

3. If the leather insole is worn for a long time, the leather will be rigid. You have to change it often.

4. Special function insole: such as anti-static insole, avoid strong alkali liquid soaking when washing.

5. If you plan to use an orthopedic insole, you should first go to a regular hospital for consultation.

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