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What Kind of Clothes Are the Warmest in Winter?

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The human body is a thermostatic body, which itself is a source of heat and generates heat continuously. This heat needs to be released. When summer comes, the heat is released less or slower and the body feels hot. However, the heat is released more or faster in winter. That’s why the we feel cold. While the human body feels cold, we will wear more clothes subconsciously. Adding clothes is a life experience rather than a human instinct. So do you know what kind of clothe is the warmest in winter?

Cotton Fiber

Cotton fiber is a raw material for warm fiber that we have used for centuries, and its thermal insulation performance is relatively good. The reason is that their fibers can be seen with a lot of spiral distortion on the flat ribbon fibers under the microscope. Moreover, the fiber section is hollow, which can store a large amount of air. However, the warmth of cotton fiber has a great relationship with its quality. At the same time, we should also consider the maturity, strength, flexibility and other factors of cotton fiber. The insulation rate of cotton fiber is about 60%. Cotton fiber will also be used to make insoles to prevent cold. The price is cheap. 



Down does not refer to all feathers of ducks and geese. Down is an animal protein fiber, especially the fluff and flaky feathers that grow on the abdomen of geese and ducks. In terms of down, they have an average heat retention rate of more than 80% and an average thermal conductivity of 2.0. The difference between white velvet and gray velvet is color. As a filler, there is no influence on the warmth of the textile. The important criteria for measuring the quality of a down jacket are the amount of cashmere the bulkiness. 


Wool is one of the earliest natural fiber raw materials used by humans. In the textile and garment industry, wool specifically refers to sheep wool, which is a natural animal protein fiber. The insulation and thermal conductivity of wool are slightly lower than that of down, but higher than cotton. Woven fabrics woven from wool fibers have excellent thermal insulation properties because they are difficult to compact due to the natural curling of the wool to form a static air layer. Warm insoles made of wool are also a good choice in the winter. A warm insole can protect your feet from frostbite.


Cashmere is a layer of fine hairs that grow on the roots of the outer skin of goats. The average fineness is 14-16um, and the length is generally 35-45mm. According to its color, it is divided into white cashmere, green cashmere and purple cashmere. Cashmere textiles are expensive, so it is important to distinguish their authenticity.

silk fabric


Silk is an excellent protein fiber and is the only natural filament fiber raw material that is truly utilized. The insulation of silk is due to its porous fibrous structure. There is a large amount of air in the pores of the fibers, which prevents the heat from being emitted and makes the silk have good warmth.

Do you know why you can keep warm when you add clothes now? In fact, keeping warm is to prevent heat loss. The fiber itself cannot be kept warm, but the air is entrained in the fiber to reflect the effect of heat preservation. Generally speaking, the above fabrics can help you choose warm fabric in winter. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.




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