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What Kind of Insole Is Suitable for Children?

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What Kind of Insole Is Suitable for Children?

The insole which suitable for children is normally natural leather, suede leather is best which has a certain amount of friction, so that the shoes will not slip. The cotton insole is also very suitable for children. It has characters of texture favourable , economical, environmentally friendly, and hygienic. This article is a brief introduction of some materials of insole

Sponge insole

The thick and soft sponge insole looks comfortable but it is not suitable for children. The sponge will weaken the feeling of the foot when touching the ground, and the ability of children to grasp the ground with the sole of the foot will not well trained which is the ability to master balance, and the foot nerve can not get the stimulation which hindering the development of the plantar nerve. 

According to the researches by scientists in the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan, modern children's plantar nerves are poorly developed so that children are easily to wrestle which have close relation with long-term wearing of sneakers. because the insole of sneakers is mostly use of soft sponge insole

Drug insole

Drug insoles with deodorant properties should not offered to children. Medicaments are toxic which parents must have known, and many of these insoles have astringent sweat gland, which prevents the feet from sweating and affects normal metabolism. Also cause great damage to the body. 

Nano antibacterial deodorant insole

Parents should be cautious about the nano antibacterial and deodorant insoles on the market. According to a study by the University of Rochester in New York, the carbon nanoparticle with a diameter of 35 nanometers can be quickly found in the area of brain that process the sense of smell and accumulate after be sucked into the body by the mouse. Researchers believe that carbon nanoparticles enter the brain along with brain cells that "capture" the scent.

kid insole

Healthy functional insoles

In fact, children usually have a lot of exercise and easily to sweat from their feet. Foot odor is inevitable. As long as parents can properly treat their child's foot odor, offer their children a good air permeability insole and keep their foot and shoes clean. Will not affect the healthy growth of children.

A misunderstanding of children's healthy functional shoes in Chinas is the soft material used in the front of the insole which is very comfortable, but it hinders the "touch" between the child's sole and the ground, affecting the feedback, stimulation and normal development of the plantar nerve and brain. It is also an important reason that modern children are easy to wrestle and feeling insensitive to the road surface, which will reduce the perception of the foot. 

Then, in choosing a healthy functional insole, the following four points should be followed:

(1) The forefoot part is designed to bend correctly, which can assist the forefoot to grasp the ground and promote brain development;

(2) Correct bending the third of the forefoot, high elastic insoles help energy return;

(3) The arch should be designed to provide good protection.

(4) The heel design should pay attention to high cushioning, high shock absorption, prevent sports injuries and protect the brain.




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