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What Will You Prepare for Your Military Training?

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What Will You Prepare for Your Military Training?

As the first hurdle of college life, most students are full of fear for the military training. Standing in the scorching sun for an hour or two, sweat dripping down like a waterfall and you may be bitten by mosquitoes on the playground. These things are bound to be experienced during military training. Therefore, before military training, you must be well prepared to make your own military training experience better. Here are some tips that can help you during military training.

Sunscreen Cream

Standing in the scorching sun for a day will definitely cause great damage to your skin. Moreover, exposure to ultraviolet light for a long time will make melanin precipitate and accelerate skin aging. Therefore, sunscreen cream is a necessary item during military training.

During military training, you will be exposed to the sun for a long time, so when choosing sunscreen cream, take the following two points into account: 1. high sunscreen value 2. waterproof.

military training

Cool Spray

Standing in the hot sun in breathless camouflage clothes, you can feel your body sweating crazily after a while. Even if you get to the shade for a while, you can't get rid of the heat at once. Therefore, cool spray is a necessary item to reduce body temperature during military training. With a little cool spray on the skin, it can quickly lower your body temperature. It's like a carry-on air conditioner. At the same time, it also has a light peppermint flavor, which helps to refresh the mind.

Sweat-absorbing insole

The soles of shoes required for military training are usually very hard. Standing on the playground in these shoes will make your feet aching. Therefore, sweat-absorbing insoles are essential items in military training. The sweat-absorbing insole is made of shock absorption material, and the insole can fit the arch curve well when walking, making people feel more comfortable. The insole is made of high elastic sponge and has the characteristics of softness and comfort, make you are not afraid to stand for a long time. Its moisture-proof and sweat absorption function are very strong, that makes the mold and bacteria are difficult to breed on the insole. You can also choose silica gel heel pad, foot care silicone gel insoles, u shaped heel pads and so on.

Sweat-absorbing insole

Mosquito repellent spray

There are often many mosquitoes in the military training sites, so mosquito repellent water can not be reduced in the list. Mosquito repellent water is made of natural plant essential oil with mild formula,  students with sensitive skin do not have to worry about the skin allergy. The mist of mosquito repellent water is fine and uniform, fresh and non-sticky, and can effectively prevent mosquitoes for more than 4 hours. It can not only prevent mosquitoes, but also quickly stop itching and create an environment free of mosquitoes.


Although you can't eat during military training, you can have a snack during rest. These snacks can replenish energy in time to prevent hypoglycemia. At the same time, you also need to prepare some vitamin supplements. Before training, it is best to cut your hair short to make you feel cool. 




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