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What are High and Low Shoulders

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What are High and Low Shoulders

Nowadays, the trend of youthfulness of unhealthy posture is constantly strengthening. Many young people have various body problems, such as bending over or hunchback. The youngest one is a high and low shoulder. Why are there high and low shoulders? How can we improve? Can orthotic insoles be helpful? This article tells you the answer.

What is the high and low shoulder?

High and low shoulders are shoulders that are not horizontal, one high and one low. How to judge whether you have high and low shoulders? Under normal standing posture, the hands naturally hang down, and the height of the two shoulders is inconsistent. It is a high and low shoulder. People with high and low shoulders usually have shoulder pain or low back pain. 

Causes of high and low shoulders

The most common is bilateral muscle imbalance. One side of the levator scapula and the upper trapezius muscle are too tight. Shoulder bags, sleeping postures, long-term computer play, reading in bed, watching TV can cause tension on the shoulder muscles on the side that is often used, resulting in a higher shoulder on this side. Scoliosis, pelvis, and spine tilt can cause high and low shoulders. When the high and low shoulders appear, they are usually accompanied by the above four symptoms.

 high and low shoulders

High and low shoulder damage

1. Easy to get injured during exercise

Poor body posture is prone to injury during exercise, especially high and low shoulders. This situation may cause shoulder pain during exercise. 

2. prone to low back pain

The high and low shoulders also have a certain influence on the human spine. Because the height of the shoulder is different, it is said that the spine will also have a certain degree of side bend. If this is the case, the imbalance of the two sides of the body will occur. It can cause excessive pressure on the lumbar spine and cause pain.

3. Neck pressure is too large

If your shoulders have high and low shoulders, then your cervical vertebrae will not be able to stand upright, so long-term high and low shoulders can also cause the lateral curvature of the neck to degenerate. In severe cases, it may cause neck muscles tension, oppression of the neck nerves, the lack of blood supply to the brain, which is prone to shoulder pain and headache.

 high and low shoulders

How to improve the height of the shoulder?

1. Control the weight balance on both sides

When carrying heavy objects, try to control the weight balance on both sides of the body. In this way, the appearance of high and low shoulders can be prevented as much as possible, and the height and shoulders can also be improved. 

2. Less back shoulder bag

In daily life, you must pay attention to the shoulder bag. If you use a one-shoulder shoulder bag for a long time, it may cause the shoulders to be different. When you carry a shoulder bag, most people will worry that the bag will fall off and will inadvertently raise the shoulders.

3. Adjust the posture

When you are sitting and walking, pay attention to your pace and strength, wear appropriate shoe and insoles, and avoid high and low shoulders due to improper walking posture.

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