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What are the Dangers of Children's Flat Feet?

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What are the Dangers of Children's Flat Feet?

When the baby starts to learn to walk, why does the mother spend a lot of time trying to pick a pair of suitable shoes for the baby? One of the main reasons is to prevent the baby from flat feet. According to relevant institutional research, the number of children with flat feet in China is rising year by year. What is the hazard of flat feet? How do we prevent and solve it. 

What are the dangers of children's flat feet?

1. Children with abnormal bone morphology, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture or chronic strain caused the longitudinal arch to collapse or elastically disappear, resulting in flat feet. The flat foot will prevent the child from protecting the nerves of the foot while walking. In the future, children's dancing, running, and some difficult movements will be affected.

2. Children with flat feet can easily feel tired when they are hiking. His speed and explosiveness are not as good as those of normal children. When his heel walks on a flat ground for a long time, it is easy to damage his plantar nerve and produce foot paralysis. This can affect the normal development, growth and health of children for a long time. 

How to do children's flat feet

1. If you find that your child is flat, don't be too scared. You can ask your doctor to see if your child has a flat foot. When the child just started walking, it is normal to have a flat foot. At this time, the baby's foot is not fully developed, and the sole of the foot is relatively flat. You need to see if your baby has a foot arch.

2. Generally, you can see if your baby is flat enough when you are around 3 years old. At this time, parents should pay more attention to the baby's feet. 

flat feet

Can children's flat feet be corrected?

When a child is diagnosed with flat feet, parents need to carefully choose the children's shoes. Changing the insole of a shoe is a more common non-surgical treatment. It mainly supports the arch of the foot, which improves the position of the dislocated joint. The shoes should be hard bottomed to reduce the stress on the ankles during walking.

If the child is severely deformed, non-surgical treatment is not feasible, parents can choose the appropriate surgery according to the type of lesion. For example, a series of soft tissue and bone reconstruction surgery to reconstruct the position of the arch. If there are lesions in the ankle joint, you can wear walking boots to relieve symptoms and use an children's orthotics for flat feet

 orthotic insoles

Does the improper wearing of children lead to flat feet?

Experimental studies have shown that children who wear shoes improperly can cause flat feet. Because if the shoes do not fit, it will hinder the development of the foot bones and promote the child's flat feet. Therefore, children should not be free to wear shoes. Choose fabric breathable, high quality shoes and insoles. More important is the shoes suitable for the development of children's feet. 

Flat feet are a common phenomenon in children during the growth and development of children. Parents should pay enough attention, welcome to buy children's insoles for flat feet on our official website. 




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