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What are the Misunderstandings of Keeping Fit

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What are the Misunderstandings of Keeping Fit

In order to keep a perfect figure, more and more people start to take exercise. Some people choose to go to the gym, others choose to exercise at home by watching videos on the fitness application. However, most of us have little knowledge about the misunderstandings of fitness, which can lead to some injuries or ineffective exercise. Therefore, today we are going to know about these misunderstandings, expecting to help you to some extent.

1. Drinking Sports Drinks to Quench Thirst

Many people use sports drinks to quench their thirst and think that they can supplement their physical strength. In fact, if you are not exercising or sweating, it's better not to drink such drinks. Sugar content in sports drinks is generally high. And in order to prevent dizziness and limb fatigue, sports drinks also add potassium elements. Too much sugar is not conducive to weight loss, and too much potassium will increase the burden of the heart. So, if you don't sweat a lot, drinking boiled water is enough. You can also drink some honey water, which is healthy and convenient.

2. Keeping Fit after 9 p.m.

Nowadays, many people do not have time to exercise during the day, so they choose to run at night. According to the theory of meridians and collaterals of traditional Chinese medicine, different things should be done at different times. Actually, fitness at night will be harmful to health because 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. is the most vigorous period of Qi and blood. We should nourish our mind to protect our heart. It's good to take a walk, do some gentle stretching and listen to some gentle music.

sport insole

3. Exercising with Stress

Sun Pu, an associate professor at the School of Sports and Kinematics of Beijing Normal University, introduced that fibrin is a hormone of the body, which can delight the nerves and is called a "happy factor". When fitness reaches a certain level, the body produces a fibrin effect, which can make people feel happy and take away the unpleasant stress. But if you exercise with too much pressure and bad mood, your mind is disordered and your attention is not focused during the fitness, which will affect the effect of fitness. Some people deliberately engage in some intense and high-volume sports, thinking that sweating a lot can release pressure and bad mood. This intense and heavy exercise often results in physical fatigue. With the original tension of the spirit, not only the pressure can not be released, but also the mood will become worse.


4. Keep Fit on a Whim

Summer wear is lighter and easier to have a fitness. Sometimes, we meet our friends and come to the gym to play basketball together. We exercise for half a day until we are exhausted. This kind of exercise on a whim is harmful to our body. Long-term and intensive fitness will reduce the body's immunity. It is better to proceed step by step. At the same time, fitness needs good preparations, especially in shoes. We had better prepare a pair of shoes with sport insoles, which can reduce the impact of exercise and prevent strain. For different people, you can choose different insoles. Children are suitable for shoes with children insoles and people with bent legs need orthotic insoles. If it is winter, you can purchase the thermal insoles for shoes.




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