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What is Good for Foot Bath

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What is Good for Foot Bath

Feet are an important part of our body, but they are also the most tiring parts, so they need special care. Foot bath is a way for us to care for our feet. The foot bath promotes blood circulation and can stimulate the acupuncture points, reflection zone and meridians of the feet. So, what do we generally choose for foot bath?  

1. Hot water

Feet have the function of running blood and linking with the organs. Each person has more than 60 acupuncture points on both feet, which are related to the whole body organs. Chinese medicine experts recommend using hot water of 43 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes every night before going to bed, and then keeping it for 30 minutes, which can significantly improve sleep. 

In general, body temperature is closely related to blood circulation, when the body temperature is low, blood circulation is also low, and blood circulation is stronger while the body temperature rises. When the human body is tired, the blood circulation of the foot is even worse, and sediments are more likely to occur. Taking foot bath for 30 minutes with water at 43 degrees Celsius reduces the amount of lactic acid in the blood. Moreover, there are rich nerve endings and capillaries in the foot, and it has a mild and good stimulating effect on the nerves and capillaries with hot water foot bath. This warming stimulus is reflected to the cerebral cortex, which inhibits the cerebral cortex, thereby improving sleep and eliminating insomnia.

The hot water foot bath also increases blood flowing speed and volume in the foot, improving heart function, reducing heart load and promoting metabolism. Meridian and blood can also be adjusted through hot water foot bath. At the same time, the blood vessels of the foot are dilated and the blood volume is increased, so that the blood flow in the head is accelerated, and the oxygen and nutrients required by the brain are supplemented in time.

foot bath

2. Chinese medicine

Feet carry almost all the weight of the human body, and they keep moving every day. Therefore, some people say: "The first aging organ is the foot." When the winter comes, many old people like to take foot bath before going to bed. When taking foot bath, the first thing is that the time should not be too long, at most half an hour. Otherwise, the local blood circulation of the feet will be too fast for a long time, which will cause relative ischemia in other parts of the body. The elderly may faint due to insufficient blood supply to the brain. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is not suitable to take foot bath within half an hour after a meal. It will affect the blood supply in the stomach, and the elderly will be malnourished after a long time. In addition, you can't sleep immediately after taking foot bath. Rub your feet and put on your socks to keep warm. After the heat is slowly lowered, it is the best time to fall asleep. It is best for the elderly to use a wooden bucket with a deeper bottom and a larger bottom area, so that the feet can be placed flat and comfortable, and the water should be at the calf. The water temperature is suitable at around 40 degrees Celsius, and hot water should be added at any time.You can add some Chinese medicine. It can play a multi-functional health care role for some elderly patients with chronic diseases. A simple prescription is recommended: the elderly with qi deficiency can use ginseng, astragalus, atractylodes and other qi medicines. Hypertensive patients should use chrysanthemum, medlar, mulberry leaf branch, salvia miltiorrhiza, etc., adding borneol to make a little decocting. Some elderly people need to promote blood and kidney in winter, they can choose Angelica, Red Oak, Red Flower, Chuanchuan and so on. Some old people have dry skin and are easy to chapped in winter. They can choose Chinese medicine such as cassia twig, silver flower and safflower. Take 15-20 grams of each of the above traditional Chinese medicines, boil them in a casserole, then pour the fried liquid into the bucket, add hot water and take foot bath for 30 minutes every day. Note that you must not use metal and plastic pots, otherwise the active ingredients of the liquid will lose a part. Stop the foot bath when the skin is wounded. Taking foot bath with traditional Chinese medicine can only play a role in adjuvant therapy. Older people should never use it as a method of treatment to avoid delaying the disease.

Of course, in addition to foot bath, you can choose shoe insole for heel pain, warm insoles for shoes, thick leather insoles or orthotic insoles to care for your feet.





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