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Ten Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm in Winter

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The feet interact the internal organs mutually. If the foot is cold, it will easily affect the human kidney. Many women do not pay attention to the warmth of the feet. While being chilled, they may have rheumatism. After kidney deficiency, the human body will also become weaker, and the resistance to the virus will be reduced, which may easily cause some diseases such as a cold.

Chinese medicine believes that illness is caused by cold intrusion, which begins from the soles of the feet. Therefore, maintaining the proper feet temperature is an essential part of preventing the the disease from the feet soles. Generally, the foot normal temperature of a healthy person should be about 22 °C on the toe and about 28 °C on the sole. When the temperature is too high or too low, it is beyond the normal range, which is morbid. Here are some methods to keep your feet warm in winter.

Method of Keeping Feet Warm in Winter

Active toe before getting up

The UK physiotherapist Sami Margo suggested that the toes move up and down 20 times before getting up, then use the feet to draw a circle of active ankles, 10 times in both the positive and negative directions. You can also tighten your thighs 10 times. This will keep the body moving and it won't feel too cold.

Suitable shoe size

Small shoes can impede blood circulation and they are not easy to keep warm. At the same time, the shoes of the elderly and children should be comfortable and warm in autumn and winter. Wear more cotton shoes and less leather shoes in winter. The cotton shoes are warm, soft and comfortable. The thick leather insoles are faster in heat dissipation. Besides, the leather is stiffer, which is not conducive to warmth. 

Place the shoes next to the heater

In cold weather, most of the blood is transported to vital organs, and blood supply to the hands and feet is relatively small. British podiatry expert Mike said that as long as the feet feel cold, they will always be cold. Therefore, it is better to put the shoes on the side of the heater. 

Press the spring frequently

The specific massage method is to wash the feet with hot water every day, and sit on the bed, raise your feet and rub each other to the feet to feel warm. Then massage the hands with the labor palace and the foot of the Yongquan. This method not only accelerates blood circulation in the foot, but also improves sleep quality. 

Choose the right footwear

In addition to choosing shoes that are loose, soft, and good in performance, the foot should be placed on the insole with good moisture absorption. The surface temperature of the feet should be maintained at 28 °C ~ 30 °C, which is most comfortable. In the winter, choose a good quality and breathable warm insole. The warm insoles for shoes not only protects the soles of the feet, but also makes your shoes warm. 

warm insole

Bath feet before going to bed

It is a very good habit to soak your feet before going to bed every night. The foot bath not only relaxes the body, but also nourishes the kidneys and helps sleep. It is also possible to add Chinese herbal medicines such as ginger to the water to remove dampness and cold.

Sleep in socks

Taking off your socks and sleeping will lower the temperature of your feet, which is not good for promoting sleep. After undressing, the body temperature will definitely decrease. If you wear socks, you can keep your feet at a higher temperature, which will help you to fall asleep quickly and improve your sleep quality.

warm socks

Massage your feet before going to bed

The method of massage is to use the right palm to rub the left sole of the foot, from the heel to the sole of the foot, and then squat down to the toe. The movement is slow, the force is constant, and the movement is repeated until the foot is hot. Then use the same method to rub the right foot with the left palm. The second step is to grab the five toes of the left foot with the five fingers of the right hand, and make a circular motion dozens of times in the clockwise direction, and then do the reverse movement. The right foot is the same action. The two sets of actions should be about 20 minutes. If there is no feeling of fever on the soles of the feet, it should be extended for some time until the soles of the feet are hot. The benefits of this foot massage are also to promote blood circulation in the foot. 

Warm water bag

Put a warm water bag beside the foot while sleeping, which not only can increase the temperature, but also play a role of constant temperature and promote blood circulation in the foot and improve sleep. 

Exercise more

Exercise can improve physical fitness. The activity of the feet can exercise the muscles of the feet and promote blood circulation in the feet and improve the heating of the feet. You can also use a sports insole in your shoes, which keeps your shoes well ventilated.

The above method of keeping warm in the foot hopes to be helpful to you. If you are interested, follow us to learn more.




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